Just Reported on ESPN: Ben & Skin Jerry/Jason meeting alone on plane

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LittleD, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. jnday

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    I hope Jerry is thanking Garrett for getting the staff together for Gruden.
  2. a_minimalist

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    Just got some funny looks because I burst out laughing from this on the train.
  3. speedkilz88

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    Gruden and Kiffin have been on the outs for some time now.
  4. diehard2294

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    were screwed then...Romo constantly has to line people up when we break the huddle now...and Dez:p:
  5. Vertigo_17

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    I didn't hear, but was this before or after he claimed Callahan threw the Super Bowl?
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    Nah, can't be.


  7. Star Guard_31

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    Well, I guess now we know what (Ratliff DWI) they were meeting about.

    I imagine they'll probably begin taking a longer look at DTs starting tomorrow.
  8. Eskimo

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    IDK, Ryan and Garrett always seemed a bit of an oddball match to me. I thought it might work out in a ying vs. yang sort of way but in the end Ryan couldn't force TOs. Pasqualoni forced as many TOs in half a season playing zone coverage as Ryan could in a whole season playing his defense. This despite most of the investments made over the last couple of seasons being on the defensive side while the offensive side got only Tyron Smith.

    To me it is pretty obvious that Ryan was failing as a DC. His scheme couldn't force TOs and that is the name of the game in today's high scoring NFL. The defense is going to give up some points but it better be able to generate some TOs and give the offense some short fields to work with. Marinelli and Kiffin are both big-time proven DCs in this league and I think they'll give us the best unit we've had here since the 90s.
  9. ScipioCowboy

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    I won't lie. I lawl'ed.
  10. BraveHeartFan

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    You're very easily amused then.
  11. Redball Express

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    ..all the hand-wringing about whether or not Garrett has this authority or not. Or if he's a puppet or not.

    Look folks.

    Jason Garrett has never won as a coach at any level. Not JV, not high school, college or pro.

    He hasn't got the expereince or the background to do it all. Jerry Jones has to step in and do what he feels is needed.

    That's it. End of story.

    I don't really understand it. Even back to the Jimmy Johnson episode. Jones is the owner, he gives people a chance and has been let down a ton of times.

    Gailey..Parcells, Phillips..Garrett.

    Come on..somewhere along the line the coaches have to take responsibility that their abilities have eroded. Or where not there in the first place.

    Parcells was the only guy, other than Jimmy Johnson, that got to make all the staff hiring. And Jimmy was short-lived and so was Parcells.

    The rest were not that bloody good. Look at the records.

    SO Garrett needs to shutup, learn his job and listen to what the others have to say about how to move forward.

    He's over his head, Garrett. Hopefully his new OC was also there at the plane and it was explained what was going to happen.

    If not, give Garrett a one-way ticket back to Dallas and let him clean out his office. When Jerry once told Jimmy Johnson that there were 500 coaches who could couch his team and win..

    ..he needs to say the same thing to Garrett.

    Get a new coach ready and make the move if for a minute Garrett isn't onboard with all this.

    He's got nothing proven and everything to gain by putting up and shutting up.

    :starspinRedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
  12. Hostile

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    Jason has never coached at the JV HS, or NCAA level. In the NFL, which is the pros, he is 21-19.

    21 > 19

    I believe in technical terms that is called winning. Never winning if you want to get technical is 0.

    21 > 0

    That is still winning.

    In the future this team under him will win a lot.
  13. gimmesix

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    All the plays he needs to be successful are in the playbook, he just has to make better use of them than Garrett did.
  14. Idgit

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    Methinks the Redball Express doesn't run in the same direction it used to run. All aboard, indeed.
  15. CowboyMcCoy

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    Just play along. We don't want to embarrass the little guy.

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