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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Aug 8, 2005.

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    It is Monday, August 8th, and the Cowboys are well into the second week of training camp.

    First of all, thank goodness that Marcus Spears' injury wasn't as bad as it was. I am still skepticle though more about the groin pull and the high ankle sprain. That can't be rushed to heal (I guess you can say the same about the MCL). I DO NOT WANT SPEARS RUSHED BACK. If it means shelving him until October, I'm fine with it. Maybe I am getting a little paranoid about a possible relapse with any one of the three injuries.

    I couldn't help but laugh today as I was reading all of the posts about Demarcus Ware - and so many of the posters practically creaming their jeans. :lmao: The news is extremely encouraging regardless. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but you do know he will make some mistakes right? I just hope that his mistakes are masked by his athleticism. It is very encouraging to hear the positive inputs from Jim Burt and Carl Banks.

    I just hope that Demarcus Ware isn't the only player that can get the quarterback. I am sure that will not be the case. You would have to think that if Ware gets going and strut his stuff, then the floodgates should open up for Ellis, Glover, Canty, Coleman, and Fergy.

    I like how Parcells said that Marion Barber had a good practice today. He also said that he has hit a wall a little bit, but didn't it seem like Julius Jones hit a wall some last year?

    Did you hear what Parcells said about A-Train? He said he does everything very well. To me, that doesn't sound like a guy that is going to get cut. I see Dallas keeping five backs: Jones, Thomas, Barber, Thompson, and either Barnes or Polite.

    Also nice to hear that Newman is getting some praise.

    Should Dallas get Mickens? Well, I believer that you can NEVER have enough good corners. I would rather have the free safety situation addressed though.
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    I think it will be Bickerstaff if he can prove to be an average blocker.. average would be better than Barnes did last season!!!
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    A-Train could prolly block as good as Barnes, I expect either Sean Ryan or Polite to make the team. Ryan could play FB and so could Polite. I would like to see A-Train be able to play in the single back sets so we wouldnt need Barber to play right away. Here's who I think make the team at RB/FB

    1. Julius
    2. Thomas
    3. Barber
    4. Thompson-ST/KR
    5. Polite
    Sean Ryan will be on the PS again IMO.
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    im really excited for Canty and Coleman our front 7 seems to be all positive i agree spears should heal completely thats why we drafted and signed all these d linemen!
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    Sounds like the FB that Parcells has been after since he got here. He might have A Train listed as a HB, but he could easily fill the role of FB as Parcells wants it played. His idea of a fullback is more of the throwback guy like Robert Newhouse than it is the modern, just block, type of FB. He wants a guy who can run, catch and carry along with his blocking. Seems like A Train only needs to work on his blocking a bit, and I'm only assuming that because he hasn't been a lead blocker much (if at all) in the past.

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