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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by skinsscalper, May 1, 2006.

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    Wow! I've never seen such blind homerism in my life. Don't get me wrong, every team message board has it's share, but I almost wonder if they give a homer test over there before you can register.


    Just browsing over there for five minutes made me (literally) laugh out loud twice. My wife thought I was reading jokes in our e-mail. "Oh, I'm reading jokes alright, honey. Wrapped up in a site that looks a little like a hot dog condiment station." :rolleyes:

  2. DragonCowboy

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    In other news, the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, United States enter WWII.

    Yeah, I agree, they are such homers. They think Rocky McIntosh is the next coming of L.T.
  3. calico

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    Come on, get it right. According to ES, the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor...:laugh2:
  4. zrinkill

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    Hey Rocky is a good LB ..... and thats all they got ..... not suprised they are excited when they really expected to get nothing.

    Good Job Redskins ..... I am sure Rocky will be a good LB for you for at least 3 years before he is released to pay for some Highpriced 3rd stringer from another team.

  5. Eddie

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    I know ... isn't blind homerism totally annoying?

    Like Cowboy fans celebrating, hootin', and hollaring over an average draft.

  6. ka0tik

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    The redskins drafted players? :laugh2:
  7. zrinkill

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    I think you would fit perfect at ES ..... I think they hate the Cowboys almost as much as you do ..... :lmao2:
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    i found this over there, i guess the player they actually drafted isnt to bright

    Rocky M. interview on Redskins.com

    Ok, I'm not drunk or under any sort of narcotic influence but I just watched the interview on redskins.com, and there was a part where he thanks Mr. Snyder for giving him a job and says that he's been unemployed for a few months now....

    Then a reporter asked him what he meant by that and he said since "I graduated I don't get checks anymore" ***??? is he talkin about... did he just shoot himself in the foot ??? can you say booster money???

    And as far as all the talk about him being intellegent.... after listening to him talk I'm starting to doubt that
  9. burntricersx

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    :lmao2: :lmao: :lmao2:
  10. Gibbs II

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    I dont see the homerism in most of the posts...


    "well...he is smaller than many LBs and he has had injuries. what's wrong with that line of thought?

    the Skins got a player who has speed, intelligence and the ever popular "character". he's not gonna be a pro bowler...but he may fit into the system well: the Skins braintrust obviously thinks so. when you're picking 53rd you already know you're not gonna be placing AJ Hawk's name on the card......the Skins probably feel they did about as well as could be expected given their spot in the draftl (and the trading leverage they had)."

    "It's a little early to say a player will or will not make the probowl. He's smart and fast. His ability to learn the scheme and execute will determine if he makes the probowl or not. I think size is less of a problem because he is on the outside. If he can get to the point of contact and hold his ground or create chaos, he'll be just as effective as a guy 5" taller. His size may help him on some exotic blitzes as he'll be hard to detect coming off the edge."

    This guy is high on Rocky, but he backs it up with some things he should do.

    We did give up a lot for him. But, here is the thing. Right before this pick a run started on LBs. The skins needed to get into that or get skunked. Sometimes you have to respect the run. Hopefully, they got the guy Williams wanted to work with."

    Doesnt seem that homerish to me.

    " actually agree that a second next year was bit much. I just have to say that I hope Rocky is worth it. I mean he is from the U. "

    Thats just from the 1st page and a half. Some had some homers in them but hell, I just dont see what you see. Plus, you guys should look at yourselves sometimes too.
  11. riggo

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    i heard he got a 29 on the wonderlic. that's virtually genius level for these guys.

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