Justin Blackmon

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    I agree. Here's why:
    1) He's sneaky....reminds me of Mario Manningham in college. Mario had average WR speed but ran his routes well and just consistently got behind the defense. He was good at faking, false-stepping, and changing gears. Even when teams know OK St is going to throw it deep to Blackmon, he still usually can get behind the D. Sometimes its uncanny.

    2) He plays the ball similarly to Randy Moss. Calm down a sec and hear me out. Even when he's covered he wont reach to grab the ball until the very last possible second, then he'll snatch it out of the air. Most of the time, the defender has good coverage on Blackmon because JB isn't blazingly fast but JB won't give the defender a chance to make a play on the ball because he doesn't tip off the defender to when the ball is arriving. Hard to run full tilt, look for the ball over your shoulder, guard the WR, and stay with the WR.

    3) He's a freakish athlete with a giant wingspan. He's not all that tall but he plays much bigger than he is. He has excellent body control and great hands.

    4) He runs well with the ball after the catch. This is why someone said they reminded them of TO. He's great after the catch.

    5) He's dominated some NFL-caliber DBs already....Prince to name one off the top. Prince was a mid-first rounder. Blackmon abused him like a rented mule.

    Now I'm not saying Blackmon will be the second coming of Dez, TO, or Moss or anything like that. But I am quite confident that he's going to be the best WR in this class and he'll be a very productive pro.

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