K.Warner not looking good....

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jun 15, 2004.

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    I wonder if this is just a sign that his hand is still not doing well....


    June 15, 2004 -- Ever since he signed with the Giants, the sight of Kurt Warner shaking his head in disgust is a common one, a sight that again could be seen at yesterday's mini-camp.

    Like a pitcher without command of his pitches, Warner is not happy with the way the ball is coming out of his hand. Many of his throws wobble in the air and fall short of the receiver. Warner attributes his sluggish start to nothing more than a lack of familiarity with the offense, his new teammates and just about everything involved in the quarterback position with the Giants as opposed to the Rams.

    "It's just not natural yet," he said. "Learning the offense and thinking about so much, it just hasn't got to that point where it's just clicked, where everything just slows down and you can just play. That part's frustrating for me, because after doing it for a certain way for so long and then having to kind of start over, it's frustrating.

    "You just don't have that comfort feel. You're just not quite sure where everybody's going to be, sometimes you're turning and throwing quick. Even the cadence isn't natural yet, all the timing things, the feel, the footwork, it's all new. I can't stop thinking about it at night, thinking, 'You would never do that, why did you do that?' It's frustrating for me."


    Coach Tom Coughlin said he is not planning a meeting with Michael Strahan to discuss the Pro Bowl defensive end's failure to comply with the complete requirements of the off-season workout program. "I don't know that I will have a major sitdown with Michael," Coughlin said. "He's working in the camp, he's working hard, I think he's really interested in this defense and how he's going to be utilized. He's a guy who's interested in being the best that he can be and that's what I want for him."

    DT Norman Hand said he's lost "a gang of weight" and is down to 334 pounds, under the 336-pound limit the Giants established for him for the start of training camp. . . . Rookie RB Jermaine Green fumbled in a non-contact drill and immediately was instructed by Coughlin to take a penalty lap.

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    I feel sorry for Warner. I don't know if all of his problems are physical or mental, but he just hasn't returned to his MVP form and I'm not sure if he ever will. For his sake, I hope he can pull it together enough not to embarrass himself.
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    Well, that was the fear. His hand is screwed.
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    This very well might have been a bullet we dodged if these reports are true.

    Of course, just to prove how much I know, if Warner returns to form, then these comments can be ignored. :)
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    I'm glad we stayed clear of him, regardless. I would rather see how the whole Carter/Henson thing plays out. Sounds as if his hand is still a problem, only time will tell I guess.

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