Kapernick 110+ million heavy guaranteed

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by theSHOW, Jun 4, 2014.

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    I worded it wrong. Probably years 3-6 will have huge base salaries and with his prorated SB he would be at 30+ million once the season starts.
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    Wilson is a system QB. Plain and simple. If Seattle had to pass he would fail. It works in seattle, and theyre going to pay him rightfully so. But IMO his deal is its 100mil is going to be worse than Kaep's.

    IN comparing to Carter that was only in terms of a guy who isnt asked to win a game. Only dont lose it. And we all know Quincy lost alot. But Wilson has the best defense in the nfl. KNowing that 14 points could win a game for the team. He doesnt have much pressure to be a complete QB. He is what he is for them and its working because of the defense they have.

    52 TDs in 36 career games including playoffs isnt really all that impressive. Not in todays NFL
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    Bye bye cap space
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    Kaepernick has the arm of Tannehill, and the legs of Cam Newton.

    But is being paid Joe Flacco money.

    This is awesome, I love it. I effing love it. Bye bye San Fran
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    Damn. Kaep got them to Super Bowl and then one play away from back to back Super Bowls...... Romo?n
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    You can't knock him for being a system QB and then marginalize his production when the very system you are referring to doesn't provide the passing volume necessary to light the world on fire. That's simply having it both ways.

    FWIW, his 52 wasn't counting playoffs. He has 58 with the playoffs (add 6 more TDs if you care for rushing over the 2 years and playoffs).

    For the last 2 years, passing TDs in the regular season look like: (Aaron Rodgers not included, but 56 FYI)

    Manning: 92
    Brees: 82
    Dalton: 60
    Romo: 59
    Brady: 59
    Rivers: 58
    Ryan: 58
    Big Ben: 54
    Wilson: 52​

    Aside from Manning and Brees, not much separates the following 7 guys on the list. Not at least in terms of TDs. In terms of passing attempts, there a world of difference.

    For the 8 guys with more passing TDs than Wilson, the group averaged 1186 passing attempts. Brees with the most at 1320, Ben the least at 1033. Romo almost dead on the average at 1183. Russell Wilson has attempted 800 passes. At his current rate, that's an entire season's worth of pass attempts that he doesn't have compared to the other QBs.

    The result of those two things is the 3rd highest TD percentage in 2013 and 2nd highest TD percentage in 2012. 3rd highest over the 2 year span when counting A-Rod.

    Quincy Carter had the benefit of a great defense in 2003 and still sucked. Dallas' defense that year allowed 29 more points than the Seahawks did last year. Carter's numbers? 17 TDs and 21 INTs to go with a sub-60% completion rate.

    Even if the the Seahawks treated Wilson the same as Dallas treated Carter the big difference is Wilson excels in that position and Carter did not. The comparison doesn't hold water. Obviously there's something more to the equation than just having a great defense and doing what is asked.
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    Well, that system QB has a Super Bowl under his belt. It takes a team to win, not a single player. "Overrated" has no merit when talking about Russell Wilson.

    The Niners could win the whole thing this year, too, and I'll eat my words on Kaepernick if that happens.
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    Mike & Mike had Cowherd on this morning and while normally I don't think much of him he said something that made sense about this:

    "For this division as it is currently structured, he is about the perfect QB for the 49rs. With the pass rushes and Defenses in this division, you need a QB that can run."

    From that point of view he is right. But did they have to pay THAT much money? I do not care how carefully it is structured, they will have to let players go down the road because of it.
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    Russell Wilson has a TD% of 6.5% during the regular season. If he had the number of attempts to qualify he would rank 5th all time in that category. As the Seahawks start passing the ball more that number will go down, but he will still be highly ranked if he kept his TD% in the 5.2-5.8% range. Quincy Carter could only muster a 3.2% TD% with the Cowboys. I would take the Cowboys wide receivers Carter was throwing to over the wide outs that Wilson had to choose from in Seattle. There is no comparison when it comes to Carter and Wilson. Wilson wins hands down. There aren't any similarities in play or leadership. Wilson is very mature and has a good football mind. He will improve. Perhaps he will never be a great passer, but he will get better. Any improvement in that aspect of his game will compliment his already good decision making very well. He should be a solid QB for several years.
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    Except for the fact that they haven't locked up everyone, you're totally right.
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    The :guaranteed" money is only 13M. The contract is structured in a way that they can cut him before April 1st every year without any ramifications. It also has de-escalator clause that is only stopped if he wins the superbowl or is a 1st or 2nd team all pro. Very team friendly actually.
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    where do you get that guaranteed money part?
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    The full Kaepernick contract details
    Posted by Mike Florio on June 5, 2014, 12:46 AM EDT
    Technically, the deal has $61 million guaranteed, even though $6 million of the guaranteed salary could evaporate (more on that later). Either way, only $13.073 million is guaranteed at signing. It comes in the form of a $12.328 million signing bonus, a base salary of $645,000, and a workout bonus of $100,000.

    For 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and part of 2018, the base salaries are guaranteed only for injury. On April 1 of each year, the guarantees convert from injury only to fully guaranteed. That gives the 49ers the ability to decide, in any given year, to move on from Kaepernick. And with the deadline for the conversion of the guarantee coming on April 1, the 49ers can squat on his rights until several weeks after the start of free agency, making it harder for him to get paid elsewhere.

    The base salary for 2015 is $12.4 million, guaranteed for injury only until April 1, 2015.

    For 2016, the base salary is $13.9 million, guaranteed for injury only until April 1, 2016.

    For 2017, the base salary is $16.5 million, guaranteed for injury only until April 1, 2017.

    For 2018, the base salary is $17 million, $5.2 million of which is guaranteed for injury only until April 1, 2018.

    The non-guaranteed base salary for 2019 is $18.8 million, and the non-guaranteed base salary for 2020 is $21 million.

    In each year from 2015 through 2020, however, there’s a catch. A big one. The total payout potentially de-escalates by $2 million per year, with up to $12 million potentially going away.

    The contract also includes, starting in 2015, a whopping $2 million per year in per-game roster bonuses, an amount that one source characterized as “massive” in comparison to similar deals. It means that, for every game Kaepernick misses due to injury after the 2014 season, he loses $125,000.

    Read the rest: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/06/05/the-full-kaepernick-contract-details/
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    As i said i was comparing them both to player who werent asked to win games but not lose them. Which Carter did end up losing alot of them.
  17. LatinMind

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    The best way to describe Wilson last yr is Dilfer winning it with the Ravens.
  18. casmith07

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    And you can't take it away from him.
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    Colin Kaepernick's new contract is a year-to-year deal.

    Armchair GMs that spent Wednesday bashing the 49ers for the "$126 million" deal with "$61 million guaranteed" need to click the link below. Essentially, the Niners can cut Kaepernick before April 1 of each year without owing any more money -- so the actual guarantee is just $13 million ($12.3M signing bonus, $645K '14 base salary, $100K '14 workout bonus). There is also a de-escalator in the contract that can only be halted if Kaepernick takes the team to the Super Bowl or he is named first- or second-team All-Pro. A source tells Pro Football Talk that San Francisco is "thrilled" with the pact.
    Source: Profootballtalk on NBCSports.com
    Jun 5 - 8:31 AM
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    That is not a good comparison, either. Dilfer did not do that great for the Ravens. He really didn't do better than Tony Banks that season. Dilfer turned the ball over quite a bit during the season. He had an adjusted net yards per pass of 4.5, which ranked 26th that season. Wilson had a 7.1 last season, which ranked 7th. That is a significant difference.

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