Katherine is Coming to Galveston

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by dexternjack, Jul 4, 2014.

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    A 14-ft great white is heading towards my fishing grounds along with a friend. Growing up on the coast, I never realized white sharks were anywhere near South Texas. I always knew they were around Florida at most but evidently, they are becoming more common in the Gulf. A diver friend of mine saw a 10 footer at the Flower Gardens off Freeport two weeks ago. It is scary to think I swam in those waters freely with no worries :oops:

    I better grab my fishing pole and head south.........[IMG]
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    Galveston and Great Whites... Interesting...
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    I've been watching them for the last month and right now they are both hanging around West Florida. Katherine looked like she was heading toward Texas/Louisiana but after staying South of Panama City for about a week or so she turned back South.

    The Ocearch.org shark tracker website is amazing, I just wish they would tag some sharks in US West coast. I would like to see how they migrate along the California coast. I know most of their activity is in the Northern California area but there are theories that they breed off Guadalupe Island in Mexico.

    If you have not already check out their website. Its pretty cool. http://www.ocearch.org/#SharkTracker
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    That was really cool. I have a 14' White Shark about 50 miles from the beach I go to. Rad.
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    Query on sharks off the coast and the pics will amaze / frighten you
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    It's not shark week yet.

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