keith davis came up big

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tuna-salad, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. tuna-salad

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  2. AbeBeta

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    Huge play -- BP sought him out and gave him a hug after the drive. He's going to drive me crazy this year - he stopped that one TD but two of the others he kind of caused to happen.
  3. fweegy

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    One could say (and I do) that he needed to come up big. Sure looked to me like he was suppose to have the inside coverage on the 4th and 13 that the Chargers converted to almost give them the win. I found Davis to be more at fault for that play then Henry. That boy better learn to cover somebody.
  4. Hollywood Henderson

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    Dat also tripped over him on that one TD pass
  5. DMX690

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    If you pay attention on the play. Keith Davis was rushing the QB so it was kind of hard for him to help out Henry. Davis is overall a better player then Lynn Scoot and Tony Dixon combined.
  6. CanadaBoys

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    McCardell's second TD was on Davis though. He was out of position and let Keenan just go behind him and get wide open in the endzone.
  7. TwoDeep3

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    However, if you review the play, Ware was supposed to jam McCardell at the line and whiffed. Which allowed McCardell to get on Davis too quickly for him to react.
  8. AbeBeta

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    That's the price we are going to pay for putting guys out there who are new to their positions. They'll give up some big plays but also make some big plays -- and they'll get better with experience.
  9. Maikeru-sama

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    Davis is still learning how to play big time football. He scares me in the blitz game though. He doesnt seem to be that strong in that area just yet. He gets there, but just doesnt get an impact when he does.

    - Mike G.
  10. Funxva

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    I wonder if anyone has a picture of that crazy catch keyshawn made in the end zone. That thing was a big bundle of awesome.
  11. Paniolo22

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    4th and 14 looked like Henry and Glenn. I remember saying how can 2 vet corners let this jacka$$ catch a 4th and 14 :banghead:
  12. TheHustler

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    Davis seems like the slowest blitzer I have ever seen. He can go in unblocked, free shot at the QB, and he doesn't get there in time.
  13. followthestar

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    guys, we can nitpick that Davis isn't that great a FS, but we already know that. he will quite possibly be reduced to backup status next season. its a team weakness, but he's not all that bad, either. he will get better. give him some time and he'll be more than adequate, but at this point he will make mistakes and we just have to pray they aren't too costly. Ware also proved he still has a lot to learn...

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