Kelvin Martin #83

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Parcells, Jun 16, 2005.

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    On his touchdown, all I can remember was instant replay wasn't around then.............thankfully. Kelvin was a huge part of that little dynasty back then. He had a knack for gettin' that golden ring when needed.
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    Yes man, yes!! And who was responsible for the key block on that punt return and for the blocked punt against the Skins? That's right baby, the coolest Cowboy ever!! (tied with Irvin) Let me hear you say his name Ravi! Say it!!
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    <altogether now> Ike Holt!
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    here ya go


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    Anybody have any Ike Holt pics? I would love to get one for my sig/avatar whatever it's called.
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    ..Irvin stated in some interviews that it was feisty little K-Mart who taught him the finer subtle points of how to chuck receivers downfield and get separation.
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    that was about as loud as i ever heard texas stadium.... you could just tell the eagles were not going to push us around anymore.

    just like this year is going to be......... poor eagles, playtime is over.

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