Kendall Wright in the 2nd

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CATCH17, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. CATCH17

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    Are you saying there is a chance?

    His height and 40 time may knock him out of the 1st and im wondering just how bad the Cowboys will want a #3 receiver after they saw how Robinson changed our season.

    For me I like Kendall Wright as much as any receiver in this class and I don't care about his height and 40 because he plays big and plays fast.
  2. tm1119

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    I think he got overrated and caught up in the hype. In my eyes he was a product of his college system and RG3. I think mid to late 2nd is where he belonged in the 1st place. He doesn't really belong in the same conversantion as Floyd or Blackmon to be honest, can't believe people were really comparing him to those guys at 1 point
  3. CATCH17

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    I think it's deserved and so does guys like Mayock and Casserly.

    When I was watching Wright play this year I felt like his potential was really high and I would've never thought he would be that short and slow because he doesn't play that way.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    I doubt he falls that far... In the Milwaukee scouts comments series, everyone seemed to agree that he plays way faster than that time. But it's the draft and anything is possible.
  5. CATCH17

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    Yeah I heard Casserly last night say he thinks he is guaranteed to be a good Pro but he may fall to the 2nd so thats why I started this thread.
  6. DFWJC

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    I'd take him in the 2nd, sure.
    I didn't like it when early on people had him in the mid-late 1st round though.

    His best fit is in the slot--which is perfect for us. You don't draft slot guys in the first round.

    I do have an issue with his conditioning. The dude had the highest body fat of any WR in the combine....EVER. 16%!!!
    That is a red flag. Then when he clocked in with a slow 40 time, it made me wonder about his dedication. Now I've heard others ask those same questions.

    But at pick 45? Sign me up
  7. CATCH17

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    Wow. Just makes you wonder how good he could be if he was actually conditioned like a Pro.

  8. GloryDaysRBack

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    I like the player.. Do not get me wrong.. But he's not our type..don't see him as an option.. I'd love to have him though
  9. dantheman41

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    Wow u just completely lost any respect I had for u. Did u watch any college football? Bryan broaddus and many other scouts say Wright is best receiver in the class. Certainly most explosive. And these are coming from scouts
  10. RS12

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    One comment I read about him said he made RG3 alot better. If he fell to round 2 I do what it takes to get him.

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