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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by cowboyeric8, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Ok we all saw the Kenny Rogers camera thing. So should he have done it. No but I see why he did it, I would hate cameras in my face all the time, and I'm sure that camera man said something to Kenny. Just like celebrities who go nuts at the media every once in awhile. But 20 games for that!!! I think that is far to much. I'm a Rangers fan and what Kenny did was stupid, but the punishment is far to much IMO.
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    I agree. But he will appeal it forever and only end up missing 2-3 starts.
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    How is it too much? He knocked down one camera (This was before the filming), went over and knocked down Robinson's camera, then walked back and did it yet again.

    That's 3 times he got physical with a camerman, had it happened once you can say "Okay, he was just angry" but three times?? And those nearby confirmed that the cameraman didn't say anything to him, Rogers was just being a big baby because his contract negotiations had gotten public and he felt he was underpaid. One thing not noted - the day before he threw a hissy fit and broke an autographed photo of Nolan Ryan beating up Robin Ventura.

    I too wouldn't like a cameraman in my face, just like a celebrity, but a celebrity has to deal with cameraman outside their house, in a store, while eating, with their kids, etc. Rogers' issue came on the baseball field where cameras are a daily occurance.
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    Did I watch the wrong film of this incident? I ask this because I finally saw the clip a week after the controversy and it looked so petty, I'm amazed that they talked about the hospital and pressing charges. Maybe I only saw the short version, but this didn't look anywhere near as violent as the Pacer/Piston fight or the Rangers smashing that chair into a fan last year.
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    He should have been kicked off the all star team as well as been put in jail for assault. As always the worthless wimparse Rangers owner does nothing, putz.

    Sorry but its like they always told us in the military. WHen you are in uniform you represent the Air force. When he's in uniform, especially when he's at work at the Ballpark he represents the Rangers and if thats the image the teams wants combined with last years fiasco I hope the are cellar dwellers as long as the team is owned by Tom Hicks

    If someone had walked up and kicked a dog on camera people would be calling for the persons head but its ok to asault another person for no reason????? Nice
  6. cowboyeric8

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    Please tell me when did he assault anybody? The guy didn't get hurt at all and he just wants some money!!!
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    I guess the Tarrant County court and the Arlington police don't agree with you........

    Rangers' Rogers charged with assault

    Assault and battery.
    Any unlawful touching of another which is without justification or excuse. It is both a tort, Trogun v. Fruchtman, 58 Wis.2d 569, 207 N.W.2d 297, as well as a crime, Scruggs v. State, Ind.App., 317 N.E.2d 807, 809. The two crimes differ from each other in that battery requires physical contact of some sort (bodily injury or offensive touching), whereas assault is committed without physical contact. In most jurisdictions, statutes have created aggravated assaults and batteries, punishable as felonies, and worded in various ways. See Battery.


    A crime that occurs when one person tries to physically harm another in a way that makes the person under attack feel immediately threatened. Actual physical contact is not necessary; threatening gestures that would alarm any reasonable person can constitute an assault. Compare battery.

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