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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by WilmingtonHeel, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Looking at an old game in 93 against the Colts and this guy was everywhere. Great confidence, really cocky, great speed. Pure shame he got hurt what's the one thing you remember about Pup? I know one thing he gave Jerry Rice all he could handle.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    He wasn't the same player after he got hurt. Darn shame.
  3. lane

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    i'm a tamu fan... so i liked ol kevin since then. great player, i will never get that image of him grabbing at his achilles out of my mind. yep, kevin was a good one.
  4. davidyee

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    ... of Deion he was our best cover corner. The Achilles injury was disastrous for him. He lost confidence and couldn't cover anyone without a penalty flag being thrown.
  5. cowboysfan84

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    A PI that was called on Pup when he wasn't even on the field.
  6. bbgun

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    The Thanksgiving game in '98 was when he hit rock bottom.
  7. Qwickdraw

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    Wasn't he a Super Bowl MVP?

    Wore #26, I believe.
  8. jamez25

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    ur thinking of Larry game he had was the second NFC title game against the 49'ers.
  9. KDWilliams85

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    No, he's right. Larry Brown wore #34. I don't think Kevin Smith was an MVP but he was definitely the most penalized defensive back of the mid-to-late 90's.
  10. jamez25

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    Larry Brown wore #24 and was Super Bowl XXX MVP....
  11. VoR

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    I remember him neutralizing Rice every game he played them. I remember he and Rice jawing in each other's faces before the NFC championship game, and that was when Rice was still considered the NFL's biggest star.

    He was better than Deion (in Dallas) was before he was injured. Deion would give up a big play now and then, Kevin didn't. You didn't know his guy was even on the field. Deion was flashier, but Kevin was the best IMO. Great thread to honor K. Smith!
  12. Merlin

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    Kevin Smith was never greater than Deion. He was not a great player before the injury. He was in the above average range at best. Not many people threw his way before the injury as he was the best corner on the team at that time. He was probably a better tackler than Deion but not many could cover better than Deion in his prime.
  13. Tenkamenin

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    I agree that Kevin Smith was not better than Deion, but he was the perfect guy to play opposite of Deion Sanders. Obviously he got picked on since Deion hardly saw any passes, but Kevin was there to meet the challenge and he did it well. The guy was an all around solid cornerback, he had good size, aggressiveness, speed and awareness.
  14. Yeagermeister

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    Not to be picky but he never played with Deion until after he tried to comeback and was never the same. Deion was signed after he was injured.

    I remember Pup as a tough hard nosed cb that was always up to the challenge of covering a teams best wr pre injury. After the injury he was a PI machine. Some he deserved most of the he didn't. The wr knew all he had to do was get bumped a little and the flag was coming.

    It would have been something to see him play with Deion before he got hurt. The qb would have been a sitting duck because he wouldn't have had anywhere to throw the ball.
  15. Next_years_Champs

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    In my opinion Kevin Smith (pre-injury) was most certainly the equal to Deion in every area except self promotion. Tearing a achilles tendon for a player who relies on speed is a career killer, I felt so sorry for Kevin because I felt he was as good as any CB playing at that time.

    I will always respect and have a soft spot in my heart for Kevin Smith he always had class and never whined even after his injury. After his injury he had to rely on his instincts more and his tactic of choice was to deny the reciever his preferred route by positioning himself so the receiver had to run around or through him. In my opinion that should be considered a legal tactic but The NFL decided it was slowing the receivers chances at the catch. Thereby eliminating Kevin only real skill left his ability to get in the recievers way through intuition.

    Kevin Smith's career before his injury was short but even playing on one leg he managed a decent career, one can only speculate as to how good he could have been, but IMO he was as good as anyone before he was injured.
  16. Pooz

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    That's the truth, it is a shame.
  17. jcblanco22

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    Yeager, you echo my sentiments exactly. I too have always wondered what might have been with a pre-1995 version of Kevin Smith and Deion on the field at the same time.

    Not sure if I agree with those saying he was better than Deion, but I think he was as close to an equal as there was in the NFL at the time, before his injury.

    The one thing I'll always remember about him actually involves his rookie season of 1992. The minute he got on the field to cover Rice after they pulled Holt in the NFC Championship, everything seemed to stabilize and slow down for the Cowboys on defense. Holt had given up that long touchdown to Rice in the 1st quarter that luckily was called back because of penalty.
  18. Chocolate Lab

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    Agree, Smith was one of my favorites. What a nice pick in the twenties he was. Loved how athletic and feisty he was with Jerry Rice, even as a smaller player


    THUMPER Papa

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    I would take a healthy Kevin Smith over "Prime Time" in his prime any day. Deion was one-dimentional while K-Pup was an excellent all-around CB who was only slightly less skilled at coverage than meIon but lightyears ahead of him in tackling and team attitude.

    I wish Deion would have stuck with baseball exclusively then I wouldn't have ever had to see his ugly mug or his disgracing of the Cowboys uniform. Baseball suited his "it's all about Deion" attitude better anyway. Football is a TEAM sport and individual players can't win games all by themselves. The sooner these egomaniacs learn that the better the league will be.
  20. Tobal

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    Ksmith shut Rice down when Rice was at the top of his game. I remember Irvin and Rice tearing Sanders up from time to time.

    Sanders was dangerous because if you made a bad pass he had a decent chance of scoring on you.

    Smith shut people down but he didn't make the huge plays Sanders made.

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