Key Johnson ?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dannywhites, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. dannywhites

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    I simply do not understand all the love this guy is getting on here.
    He only played 2 years here,and had good( 839 yds..6td's,,,,981 yds..6tds)
    not anywhere NEAR great stats.
    I disliked TO as much as anyone (live near Philly,had to read about him every friggin day),but christ,Johnson is NOWHERE near the reciever TO is.
    I want to win,and TO brings the Cowboys a hell of alot closer to that goal than Johnson ever would.
    Johnson was a good stop-gap reciever for this team,no more than that.
  2. NovaCowboy

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    its in the kooolaid

    Kyle Kosier is already an all pro and hasnt even put his helmet on.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    I love the over reaction...on both sides.

  4. baj1dallas

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    There's a lot more to the games than statistics.

    Key made a ton of clutch catches. I don't know if I remember him dropping a single third down pass (well maybe one). He was a very good run blocker. He was a vocal team leader but never divisive. Yea he wasn't dominant, but that wasn't what he was here for. You knew what you were getting with him and he almost never failed you.

    With TO, yea he will put up great numbers, but will he make the clutch catch? We don't know.
  5. sacase

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    It's because Key played for us with a lot of heart and fire. He was a team leader and he lead by example. He made a lot of tough catches that many other recievers didn't want to make or couldn't make.
  6. NovaCowboy

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    you know you love me, dont fight it.
  7. Dyluke

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    Key won me over with his solid play the last two years. I will admit i was never a big Key fan until he came to Dallas...but Key played his tail off while here and never caused any problems. I love how he plays and how he takes pride in owning the center of the field. How can you not like a guy who will get nailed while running across the middle of the field yet still come down with the catch to move the chains? Key will be missed despite what TO brings to the table to any offense
  8. juck

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    I could not agree more.He was a compassionate player,good leader.He wasnt all that on the field.T.O. will take all those 8-yard slants in to big gainers.key is slow.As far a chain mover over the middle,I think Crayton can handle it.
  9. juck

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    Poor key is getting smashed over the middle this;)
  10. conner01

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    kj is a good player, great teammate, does the dirty work, and may be the best pocession reciever out there, but t.o. is a much better weapon for us. i was all for the t.o. deal but that does'nt mean one can't give kj the credit he is due
  11. Big Country

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    Good Post... I totally agree..
  12. Pooz

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  13. Mavs Man

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    Are you suggesting we should take a balanced approach to the Cowboys, rather than be a homer/hater/chicken little/koolaid-drinker?


    I agree.
  14. dannywhites

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    Well,i don't mean to ruffle any feathers,and everyone has their opinions,but my feeling is simply this,all his clutch catch's,blocking,and leadership helped us to 6-10 and 9-7 years,not all his fault,but they are the records.
    You take all the "good" players,give me all the "great" players and lets lineup and see who wins.
    Also,reading Lenny P's article,it sure sounded like he (Key ) had his chance to come back,but it looks like he wanted money (not blaming him) as his no.1 priority,not coming back to us.
  15. FRDRCK

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    this year on they had the locker room interviews every week and i would wait for keyshawn to come on every week, along w/ him playing really solid and getting the clutch catches, blocking, going over the middle etc., on thing a really like about him is that he is real. u just listen to him for a little while and his interviews are so enjoyable. he speaks his mind but he's not arrogant. keyshawn won my respect while he was here and now he and larry allen are my fav. players that aren't on our roster. he's not one of them wide receiver diva's that people talk about
  16. AbeBeta

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    Maybe if you watched games instead of focusing on fantasy football stats then you'd understand.

    Key played his heart out here. He did everything that you want a WR to do -- and some stuff that I've never ever seen a WR do. How many #1 overall picks at WR have you ever seen lined up at FB -- throwing blocks against much larger guys to try to get some better protection for the QB?
  17. Dave_in-NC

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    Wait and see what Owens brings to the table before you judge what Key did here.
    How many passes will Owens get at his ankles and stay quiet?
    All the sudden Bledsoe is the best QB to ever play.:laugh1:

    I like Bledsoe but hes going to be Bledsoe no matter who the WR is.
  18. Everlastingxxx

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    I think once we play a few games with the TO/Glenn combination, we will really see the difference. It is easy to place all of the failure of last season on the kickers and offensive lineman, but i think part of the blame goes on the Keyshawn/Glenn combination. Honestly, it wasnt that great, how many 10-13 point games do we have to play to see that?
  19. Dave_in-NC

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    How was our running game last season? How many times did Bledsoe have about one tenth of a second to throw the ball. That still scares me.;)
  20. dannywhites

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    Fantasy football ?
    As i said,i was not looking to ruffle feathers,but tell me,if KEY is such a freakin great clubhouse guy,and such a great player, why the hell is he on his 4TH TEAM ?
    If he was "ALL THAT",why did Parcells LET HIM GO ?

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