Key Question: How many R1 grades this year on Cowboys board?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jterrell, Feb 5, 2014.

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    I think this is the key question to decipher.
    How many guys get r1 grades.

    If that number is 18 or so we likely stay put at 16/17 and draft BPA.

    If that number is 23+ we likely move down.

    Because of the QBs at the top this to me looks like a MUCH deeper R1 class than last years.
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    Sometimes other teams draft players that the Cowboys didn't have rated as highly.

    Also, they rate them by round and tier, not just round. They could have 23 first rounders, but only 12 that they consider worth the 16th pick.

    It would be nice if Broaddus could explain the exact method on how they rank them. I've heard Ciskowski refer to something like a 1.1 or a 1.2 or something to that effect.
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    Not sure Broaddus even knows it 100%. It has changed since he was around the scouting dept.

    But we do know what they release is a composite board with round as the delimiting factor.
    And when they speak of the payers afterwards it's "we had a round 1 grade 1 on Sean Lee..." et al.

    You are obviously correct that they prefer guys within each round (we know they rated andrew luck as 1 overall) and that they see players go off board before they'd have them set.

    But all in all the depth of R1 as they see it will determine a lot IMHO.
    If they are sitting at 16 and see their 14th, 15th and 17th, 18th and 19th ranked players available what determines to drop or not IMHO is where they see the divide between guys worthy of R1 grades and guys who are r2 grades.
    By same token if you see 12 players you want with R1 grades and 11 go off board trading up a spot or two becomes a viable option at the right price.

    Last year they dropped but they saw r1 as very shallow so wanted more value out of the pick and dropped to the large pool of R2 talents.
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    Ooh. Good thread. They typically have, what, 15-16ish round one grades? And then they'd group their players into tiers within the round based on ability, and matrix that with what they're looking for by position. So if there's a 1.1 available in a position group they're not necessarily targeting, they have to way that against a 1.2 in a group they are. And if there are more than one targeted 1.2s left there at 16, they may feel comfortable risking a trade down rather than staying put and just taking the 1.1. If they move down, it needs to net enough value to offset the drop from 1.1 to 1.2, and then some.

    This is probably what happened last year with Floyd, where they had a 1.1 on him and probably a higher-than-most-realized 1.3 or whatever on Frederick, but the 3rd they netted in the trade down wasn't enough to justify the trade down.
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    the board looks something like this:

    hard to make out the actual photo with the toupee in the way but the list has 18 first round grades.
    we had floyd at 5(r1 grade) and frederick at 21(r2 grade).
    i think it clear marinelli and kiffen vetoed that ranking of floyd. --why did he drop??? can't rush the passer. plays really really hard every play and still cant rush the passer... pass.

    that 18 r1 grades is about normal which is both a blessing and a curse because we are drafting at 16....
    if we are talking the last player or two of R1 grades we almost have to stand pat and draft them.

    gonna be crazy if we draft jace amaro at 16, lol.
    ((btw he may well end up as good a receiving TE as jason witten))

    i am hopeful we have a few more R1 guys than usual... say 25.
    it is a deep draft IMHO with top talent through 40 picks.
    and i do like the trade down looks as we mock it out.
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