Key To Dallas Cowboys Offense Is Aggression

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Key To Dallas Cowboys Offense Is Aggression
    by Ben Grimaldi

    Let’s face it, the Dallas Cowboys offense looked bad in the first half against the Cleveland Browns yesterday. I’m not breaking any news by mentioning that, or the fact they played much better in the second half.

    The difference was the Cowboys offense played with more urgency after halftime than they did in the first half. It was the same story in the games against the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants as well. It comes down to aggression, when the Cowboys push the pace and run the hurry up offense, they tend to move the ball easily. When they sit back and just get the plays off before the play clock runs down, the offense seems to be stagnant.

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    Absolutely 100% agree.

    That is playing to our strengths IMO.
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    I say free Romo. We were 13-3 with Romo slinging it all over the yard.. Have to roll the dice with him and let him win you games.. We are not good enough to win offensively if we handcuff Romo.. That's the facts here.
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    Been saying this for a long time. Let them just go all out. Looks like we might be down to our #3 and #4 RB this game and we are going to have to do something different. No huddle or something. We need to roll Tony out more.

    Buy him some time somehow and let him chuck it down field and let the WRs make plays.
  5. BrassCowboy

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    exactly the truth... when this offense feels rushed, they play 100% better
  6. Thick 'N Hearty

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    Seems like when they run their version of a hurry-up, they do better and the opposing defense gets gassed. I prefer a fast-paced offense anyway and, IMO, the running game – even the Dallas running game – would do better with the defense on its heals.
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    The problem is that even though we all see this, Garrett will probably still try his mundane and ineffective offensive game-plan to start the game tomorrow, as he will do for each of the remaining games.

    This team can't afford to play tentative for the first half against Wash, Cin and especially N.O. If we are down against those teams by 14 points or so, we could be in trouble.

    I hope the coaches realize that the only way we can compete against those teams that score alot is to come out aggressive. Our offense has to dictate the flow of the game and not be led by opposing defenses like cattle.
  8. CATCH17

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    And somehow our coach hasn't grasped this yet.

    It could change our entire season if he would just go to this style of offense.

    Why does Garrett always have to be the last guy to see the obvious? IS he that stubborn?
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    You can be as aggressive as you want, but if you're constantly running for your life on every passing play it really doesn't matter. It all starts up front.
  10. CATCH17

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    Our current offense is predicated on our players winning their 1 on 1 battles.

    That is a big reason why we suck. We have a coach that has a system and doesn't adjust to the players we have.

    Bottom line is we need some creativity in play design and I think a little would go a long ways with Romo as our QB.

    Or we can keep trotting out Phillips, Witten, and Vickers every time we want to run the ball.
  11. rocboy22

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    yes, but employing a quick-tempo and even no-huddle attack tires out the defense, and also prevents substitutions. This greatly increases the chances that the OL will actually be able to block someone, thus increasing the chances for a positive play.

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