Key to stopping Jake Plummer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Nov 21, 2005.

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    To stop Denver, you have to stop Plummer. Being in AZ, I know this QB's is extremely overrated. His weaknesses are being cleverly disguised in Denver and he is looking a lot better than he really is. Plummer prefers to throw on the run. He has a good arm and he is accurate when he is moving. Contain Plummer in the pocket and don't allow him to run his bootlegs. Plummer has never been comfortable standing in the pocket. He loves to ad lib and create on the run but if you can force him to be regimented and remain in the pocket, he will eventually falter as he is not good with reading defenses.
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    if the defense stays home we can beat them. they likethe cut back and the bootleg so ware and co. will have to stay home in order to stop the boot and cut back. they have a good run defense but there pass defense is weaks
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    No, to stop Denver, you have to stop Run. Thats pretty much a given, if anyone has Seen Denver play this year. You shut run down, Plummer can't do much and will turn to old Plummer or be inffective.

    Ain't no secret formula there though, thats pretty much true for most teams on a given day.
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    I also lived in AZ and saw Jake back from his ASU days...he's really effective when the pocket's broken down and he scrambles around...but not 'cause he's a more accurate thrower on the run, it's due to the fact the receivers often attain more separation in those situation, and Jake does scan the field pretty well even on the run. His decision-making is a lot better now he's with Denver, due to a few reasons, (1) he has a running game, (2) he has decent receivers, (3), they are not always playing from behind, needing to pass , (4) Bill Bidwell doesn't own the Broncos,
    (5) general maturity/experience.

    With the Cards, he used to force the ball and even throw it up for grabs, and I don't always blame him since that really might've been their best chance to move the ball or score.

    The Cowboys have owned Jake through the years, but that's 'cause he was with the ineffective Cardinals with no running game.

    So I agree that if we stop the run (which Cowboy D will show up on Turkey day?), we won't be biting on play-action and bootlegs, and will put pressure (where Jake feels he has to make plays) on Jake. Then again, he has some good receivers who are pretty good at catching mistakes. Ashley Lelie is a legitimate deep threat, and our D gets beat deep enough it makes me nervous. I hope we blitz Jake early and get in a few good shots...that will make him nervous enough to affect him the rest of the game. That and getting an early lead on them, to put more pressure on him to perform.
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    I think our corners can take their WR's out of the game. I'm hoping our defensive lineman and linebackers avoid ad-libbing themselves and stay in their lanes.
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    Yea, especially our two Defensive Ends in our "4-3" who need to contain Jake from his bootlegs. I suspect Ware will be used even more prototypically as a 4-3 DE this game than an 3-4 OLB.

    I hope you're right about our corners!
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    3 things in life are sure:

    1: Death
    2: Taxes
    3: Jake Plummer collapsing down the stretch

    That being said, we still wont win

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