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    whats up guys, I'm Keystone Heavy! A little about myself:

    I became a Cowboys fan when I was about 13 or so in 2004(?). Anyways, it was the year Testeverde was starting. I had followed the Cowboys the year before when we went 10-6 but did become a die hard until the next year when we went 6-10.

    Anyways, since then I have been there through the good times. Our playoff win vs the Eagles )and beating them the week before that too!). The crazy Monday night game vs the Bills. Plenty of other thrilling last minute wins come to mind too. 3 straight redzone incompletions from the Chargers in a week one game and a 4th attempt to end a game on an Aaron Glenn int during the Bledsoe mini-era. I remember the crazy onside kick game in 2004 against the Seahawks to keep us in the playoff hunt. A last minute TD pass from Romo to beat the Lions. a 35-10 beat down of the defending NFC champion Bears after a 3-3 halftime tie.

    I was there for the bad too. The wildcard Romo fumble. 44-6 still gives me night terrors. Blowing the home opener to Washington the day the Triplets got into the Ring. Bobby freaking Carpenter. Oh yes, I was there for the bad.

    So thats me, Keystone Heavy. And I'm ready to bring Lombardi number 6 to the greatest franchise in the Universe, *****' team, THE Dallas Cowboys!
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    :welcome: Keystone.

    We look forward to hearing your opinions on the Cowboys & other forum subjects.


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