Kicking around some major league issues

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KingTuna, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Posted on Fri, Mar. 24, 2006
    Kicking around some major league issues

    In My OpinionIt’s Friday and there are some loose ends to tie up before the weekend. So, the Monday Morning Quarterback is going with a no-huddle offense:

    Item: Cowboys sign place-kicker Mike Vanderjagt

    If the Cowboys sign a couple of more outspoken players, they’ll have a great debate team.

    Vanderjagt is definitely an upgrade over the caravan of kickers the Cowboys have employed in recent seasons. But there is a caveat to that distinction he holds as the most accurate place kicker in NFL history.

    Vanderjagt has been an indoor kicker during his career with the Colts, which means performing in ideal conditions. What’s more, the other teams in the AFC South are Houston, Tennessee and Jacksonville, which are Sun Belt destinations, and/or play in a dome. How much that affects his accuracy will be seen this season.

    The Cowboys play in the NFC East, of course, which means traveling to Philadelphia, the Meadowlands and Washington, D.C.
    A good kicker can kick anywhere, and at 36, Vanderjagt still has enough leg to get the job done even if he missed that 46-yarder in the playoffs that would have sent the Colts-Steelers game into overtime. It was the biggest kick of his career.

    The MMQB won’t lie. We would have preferred Adam Vinatieri, who left the Patriots for the Colts. He’s like the post office – he delivers in rain, sleet and snow.
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    Who's going to do kickoffs for us?
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    DeMarcus Ware?
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    This guy didn't do his homework. Read that article today stating how Vandy actually has better completion rate outdoors! And as it stands today, I believe it was better than Viniteries. But Vins indoor completion rate was better than Vandys.

    Let me see if I can find that article.

    EDIT:Here ya go.
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    You don't really expect these well paid PROFESSIONALS to do their homework, do you?
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    This is ridiculous, we just went from Scott freaking Suisham to the most accurate kicker in NFL history and somebody has to be critical of the signing. Get over it, move on, we have a great kicker now - end of story.
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    Exactly. Just at a slightly lower rate than Vanderjagt.

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