Kiffin def staff complete/Cowboys showing interest in ST Bruce Dehaven and Alan Lowry

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tejano15, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Dehaven was one of Parcells' guys.
  3. lurkercowboy

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    Lowery was on Tom Landry's staff.
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    Love it.
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    I vote for dehaven so we can bring back his Mickey Mouse calls, literally one of his signals is mouse ears with the hands and the coaches yelling Mickey Mouse.
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    Yes. He was our ST's coach when Parcells was here.
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    I wonder what was meant by "tough interviews"?
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    Rowan Kavner ‏@KavnerDC
    Defensive coaching staff looks pretty set. Kiffin complimented addition of Marinelli but also said current coaching staff has real talent...

    Henderson, Eberflus, Lett among coaches sitting together with Cowboys front office and Garrett watching North practice

    Kiffin not worried about switch to 4-3. Must have talked to Garrett, bc he called it a process, but emphasized it shouldn't take rebuilding
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    Hand wringers beware.
  11. ThreeandOut

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    If he's hired, Kiffin may not be the oldest coach.
  12. Erik_H

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    I am thrilled that Eberflus is back. The only problem I have is that much of the hype created around Eberflus was done by Ryan.

    So if Ryan is now gone and shown to be not so great, then why should I count his opinion as fact? Yes, it did seem that our LB corp did pretty well under the mix-n-match circumstances, but logically the biggest factor in my liking Eberflus was something I read about from Ryan's perspective.

    I just hope the hype is real is all.
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    To me it seems that Jerry has left the offensive positions open for a new coordinator to hire his own people.
  15. Hostile

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    He is thinking of retiring. Not the Steelers version either.
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    The three coaches he retained.
  17. theogt

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    Age and work ethic go hand in hand, I think. With increased age, the ability to put in the extra work becomes more difficult.
  18. TheCoolFan

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    As long as they keep Boniol. Don't want to mess with Dan Bailey's rhythm. DeHaven is OK I guess...he is better than DeCamillis at coordinating blocking schemes for punt and kickoff returns
  19. aikemirv

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    I though we had it on good speculation that this was a Jerry hire!!!
  20. Hostile

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    Sean Lee considers Eberflus the best coach he's ever had.

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