Kiffin was a Garret hire

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    Reading the quotes below from a article announcing the official hiring of Kiffin as DC, it’s obvious to me this was a Garrett move.

    Garret clearly indicated how important it is that players fit this new scheme if this move is made, and Kiffin clearly indicates that Garrett did a good job in his interview WITH GARRETT of convincing him to join, given Garret’s direction of this team.

    Kiffin quote: “I’m very excited about returning to the NFL and being with the Dallas Cowboys,” Kiffin said in a statement. “I came away from the interview process with Jason (Garrett) with a feeling that Dallas is the right place to be. He has this team headed in the right direction. They’re close, and I am confident that there are quality pieces in place for us to be able to get the job done.” ​

    Garrett quote: “Obviously that scheme will offer some changes to our defensive approach moving forward,” Garrett said in a statement. “I have spent the better part of the past two days in conversation with Monte regarding those changes, and we feel very good about our personnel being able to fit the philosophy.”
    So agendas aside, there’s great indication that this was a Garrett move, based on where he’s got the team headed, and that Kiffin wanted to join on this basis.

    Sorry if any bubbles have been burst.
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    This will go over like a lead balloon!
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    And I have a feeling Garrett's about to bench himself as playcaller in the next couple days, too.
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    I think this was a Garrett move.

    JJ is just being JJ in order to create news and get folks talking about the Cowboys. Makes JG look like he has no control, which I hope the players know the real truth.

    We shall see how it turns out.

    Never like Ryan, so I'm not upset about Kiffin. The 3-4 never worked in dallas, time to move on.
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    Great! Finally benching someone and holding them accountable.
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    You are reading in what you want to believe - there is one guy doing the hiring at Valley Ranch, and his name is Sheriff Jerreh...
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    I wonder how John Garrett's interview went?
  8. BrassCowboy

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    and this will be Jason's greatest achievement yet with the Cowboys. :starspin
  9. stasheroo

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    Is this 'revelation' supposed to make us feel better or worse?

    Rob Ryan was a 'Garrett hire' too.
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    LOL. I guess that is why Lacewell and Switzer have been hyping up the old man. Because it was all Jason, not the guy who they advise, right?

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    No, it's called direct comprehension of what I'm reading. The only mis-belief is among those who choose not read this stuff, think for themselves, and just go on agendas of what they wish to believe - true or not.

    My beleif - I suppose - is that this WAS a Garret hire. I've read all perspectives, filtered down to som key facts and talking points and came to that conclusion objectively.

    By the way, I'm not saying you have an anti-Garrett agenda, so please don't mis-comprehend that. I don't know, nor care if you or anyone here has an agenda; that's for eveyone to decide for themselves, not me.
  12. theogt

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    Garrett is going to do everything possible to make it look like it was his hire. Never have I seen someone so arrogant.
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    It might sound funny, but I don't hate Garrett. I think he is a good coach in terms of messaging, but I just don't think he has a knack for the strategy of the game. He would do well to get an offensive coordinator who called the shots. If that is Bill Callahan, that's one thing, but he definitely needs to let go of the offense.
  14. tecolote

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    And fire his brother.
  15. Coy

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    I am sorry but IMO to think this was a JG move and not a JJ move is not knowing how JJ operates the Dallas Cowboys.
    Saying that I obviously think JG had some input on the move, but this has JJ written all over it, just ask Larry Lacewell, Jerry´s friend what he thinks of Kiffin.

    Either he gets the credit or the blame, that´s the way it has always been with him and unfortunately always be.
  16. Eric_Boyer

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    If I had my legs cut out from under me, I would do everything in my power to try to get those that I lead to not know I had my legs cut out from under me.

    That isn't about arrogance, it is about trying to put myself in the best position to succeed.
  17. links18

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    This move has Jerry written all over it, sorry. The offense stinks to high heavens, so not only does he fire the defensive coordinator; he decides to change defensive schemes creating all kinds of additional personnel needs. Pure genius....
  18. RS12

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    What ever gets you through the night.
  19. jterrell

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    This was a Jerry hire as advised by Lacewell and Switzer.

    Garrett was a part of the process but Jerry was behind it and was advised on it by guys Jason didn't even as much as speak to.

    The last statement from Kiffin was that he was parting ways amicably at USC because he longed for the NFL.

    Truth is he was about to get his son fired if he didn't move on. The USC natives were restless.

    So basically you have to take everything said in proper context.

    Kiffin is a respectful guy and he'll work well with Jason but his name came out of that hat with Jerry's 80 year old cronies. The same guys have a direct impact on who we draft.
  20. AsthmaField

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    Of course Garrett wanted this move. Even before he was head coach when he was interviewing with Baltimore, etc., he was talking about the importance of the defensive coordinator. How a guy like Reid in Philly could just let someone like Jim Johnson take care of the defense and have success as a head coach in large part because he had a winner at defensive coordinator. He was only talking about big name coordinators like Capers and Nolan when he spoke about that position. He wanted and wants somebody with skins on the wall who he can be sure about taking the defense in the direction he wanted it to go in, and who can control that whole side of things.

    When he first got hired, he tried in vain to get the guys he wanted but they were all tied up or went to other teams. He went with Ryan, probably because of his father and brother's work as coordinators. Truth be told, Rob being here was probably experimental from the beginning. It wasn't who Garrett wanted, but he went with the best he could find.

    I've wondered what would happen if a big name D Coordinator came available... and now I know.

    Looking at the big picture and how important the DC position has been to Garrett since before he was head coach, it comes as no big shock that he would jettison a guy with lukewarm results (Ryan) for a known guru who preaches fundamentals.

    It is even less of a surprise that it would be Garrett wanting to make that move.

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