Kiffin was a Garret hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Dave Shula was Jimmy hire that did not last long either. At that point it was not like we had a ton of talent on offense and just got rid of Walker so he had even less than he started with. He got fire and the next man up Norv was able to come in and do the job and had more talent to work with.
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    Kind of what I was thinking. Also, you know, the fact Red has never taken accountability for his mistakes. Super-arrogant.
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    Not what I said, in fact they both could like him and I´m sure they do, look at my post, I never said Garrett was opposed to this or wasn´t involved, I just said that this move like most moves start and end with Jerry, I just mentioned Lacewell because we all know his relationship with Jerry and his thoughts on Kiffin.
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    If my boss was making choices I did not agree with, yet those choices would reflect on my own abilities, I would sure as hell not pretend to like those choices.

    You are correct. This isn't very complicated. Those that pretend to know the truth have an agenda. It really is that simple and uncomplicated
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    Did the Chiefs talk to Kiffin before we did?
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    I think Kiffin is a step up from Rob Ryan in a big way. But, I don't buy that Garrett hired him unless one considers the a rubber stamp approval of the owner's actions a decision making part of the process.
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    I HOPE that Garrett was the one who both made the decision and executed these changes. I would hope that he has the latitude to institute whatever changes related to the coaching staff and field personnel that he wants/needs to make.

    If Jones was the one who made the decisions, then Garrett is set up to fail, as he would be effectively neutered.
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    The fact is noone here knows, but there's a culture on the site perpetuated by a few people where if you make really definitive statements really loudly you can just say whatever you want and not get called on it when you're wrong. It's annoying but nothing is really done to curb it, so hola...threads like this.

    So was it a Jason hire? Was it a Jerry hire? How many more threads can we have breaking down things we have no clue about? Who knows. Who cares. All that matters is does it work? If Monte gets us a top ten pass D next season I doubt anyone is going to care whether Jason wanted this or whether it was forced on him. We're just going to be stoked that we're in the NFCCG.
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    If it helps us win, does really matter to us who hired the guy?
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    It's alot like how America decides who is going to be president. Granted, it's put to a vote of the American people, but only the elite decide who get's to run. So, sure Garrett got to vote and do an otherwise unnecessary interview but Jerry decided who he could vote on and interview with.
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    That's an over statement. We may not know anything definitively, but we have some clues: Such as Jerry's prior track record, the politics surrounding the Rob Ryan hire, the possibility that JG really wanted Horton, etc.
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    Do you think its going to help us win? In what time frame?
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    Shula was the OC in 1990 when Dallas had Irvin, Aikman and added Emmitt Smith. Dallas finished 26th in points scored, 28th in yards, 22nd in rushing attempts, 23rd in rushing yards, 14th in pass attempts and 27th in passing yards. He really took too long to get Emmitt fulling involved in the offense. Sure Emmitt held out, but he was throwing the ball more than he was running the ball.
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    Pretty much see it the same way. Kiffin would not have been my 1st choice but he has put together some very good defensive units and has skins on the walls to prove it. If he can come in here and get this unit playing quality football, get turnovers then no one will be talking about who made the call.

    Only thing I do know if Garrett did interview Kiffin and was in Tampa Bay when Kiffin was still there as a DC. How the conversation between Garrett and Jones when is anyone guess.
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    I don't think it started with Jerry.

    Part of the reason why I mention this is what I was told by a source close to the organization who sold me on Garrett as a head coach. And a big part of what this person told me was Garrett being about consistency and how he coaches the players.

    Garrett wants the players to get the basics of football down pat first. Then when they master those basics, he will allow the players to do more advanced stuff.

    It's sort of like math. When you first learn math, you start off with learning the numbers and then counting. Then you get into addition and subtraction. Then you get into multiplying and dividing numbers.

    Other coaches like Wade tend to think more of the mindset that the players did 'good enough' at the basics, so they thrust them into more complicated schemes.

    That's why so many of the younger players have developed so well under Garrett. He has preached the basics. Have a great game where you catch 3 TD's doesn't mean a thing if your technique sucks because sooner or later, you'll get beat by bad technique. Wade OTOH, he would let it slide.

    I can see the Wade style of thinking, but this franchise in this culture and with these types of fans and this media needs consistent players with tremendous work ethic. We don't need the Mike Jenkins' of the world.

    This falls right in line with Kiffin's approach, which Garrett saw firsthand when he was at Tampa Bay. It's right in line with what Nick Saban coached when Garrett was an assistant.

    It's not your Tom Landry type of football. But, it's right in line with what Garrett wants.

    We have to remember that most people thought Kiffin retired for good at USC. I would imagine that Kiffin somehow made it clear he would love to coach in the NFL again and when Garrett heard of it, that was the end of Ryan.

    I think Jerry's role was more in the lines of he wanted a backup plan if Kiffin didn't seem like a right fit or didn't come to Dallas. I think that once they felt they could have that with Horton and Lovie Smith because the entire thing coincided right when the Bills chose Doug Marrone over Lovie, that's when they fired Ryan and got ahold of Kiffin and hired him.

    Again, it doesn't really matter to me if it was a Jerry or Garrett hire and I'm more or less nonplussed about the hire. Some parts of it I like the hire, other parts I don't.

    But, it's funny how the typical Jerry haters immediately call it a 'Jerry Hire' and claim it was so transparent because essentially, Larry Lacewell loved the hire. It just gives them something to whine about when it comes to Jerry. I think if Jerry really wanted his way, he would have hired Lovie Smith. It would be a much better fit as to what Jerry wants and needs.

  19. WV Cowboy

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    Good question, I don't know, .. does anyone else on the board know?

  20. Yakuza Rich

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    If Kiffin turns around the defense, we'll either get the Jerry haters saying 'see, Garrett hired him!' Or they'll just ignore the fact that it was not too long ago they complained that allegedly it was a 'Jerry hire.'


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