Kiffin was a Garret hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Jerry is making the moves as he told us he would. His buddy is applauding the hire all the while Jason is still interviewing the guy.

    An agenda? Yea, if looking at things as they actually are is an agenda I am guilty.

    Jason is saying all the right things after the fact but he is absolutely also trying to save his own job. Not a single head coach Jerry has hired had any issues finding work. Jason has no need to protect himself from anything except losing this job. He simply wants to keep his current job. An instinct most adults possess.

    I could care less what you think personally because it is pretty easy to hear Jerry tell you what will happen, watch it happen, then realize who made it happen. I mostly feel sorry for people that lack that level of brain function.
  2. Joe Rod

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    I do in fact loathe Jerry, but I like the hiring of Kiffin. Good job Jerry, you crapwad of an owner/GM!
  3. jterrell

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    I like Jerry. On short list of guys I'd love to drink with.

    But this was a bad hiring because of fit, age and personnel.

    The only truly horrible part of this is that Lacewell has a role in it. He is absolutely the worst thing to ever happen to the Dallas Cowboys. That dude is like "the catch" happening every year come draft time.

    I pray I am wrong about how poor this defense will be in 2013 but it is hard to argue logically any other way. And the offense really has no means to get better if we need to use our limited resources to tweak this defense.
  4. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Sure sounds to me like he knew who did the hiring.... :rolleyes:

    Your guess is as good as anyone else but perhaps you should buy a Sherlock Holmes hat for the amazing powers of observation and deduction.
  5. RS12

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    • “If you listen to all the reports coming out of Dallas right now, you would think they just won the Super Bowl. Did people not watch what just happened at USC last year? (Former USC defensive coordinator) Monte Kiffin was run out of there. It was the same story at the end of his tenure in Tampa Bay. The defense collapsed down the stretch. The guy is 70-some years old. He is done. … I didn’t think the defense was broken in Dallas. They are not addressing the real issues. This was just window dressing. You’ll see. Give it another year and watch what happens.”
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  7. CATCH17

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    Well I wouldn't be surprised if the Defense fails now and I won't be surprised if having Monte's new scheme is used as a crutch.
  8. FuzzyLumpkins

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    PFW has been really uhh.... poopie since Buschbaum left us.

    Through the first 12 games of Kiffin's last year the defense was just as good as always. The didn't give up over 30 points to anyone and held people to under 14 points 5 times.

    When he said that he was leaving they gave up over 30 points 3 times in 4 games. The team fell apart because he left. That is what Derrick Brooks and John Lynch talked about the other day.

    USC is a different story and since I don't watch NCAA associated events I have no idea what the story is.
  9. Irving Cowboy

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    Kind of ironic that some people who say they are privy to insider info claim that Kiffin was a Garrett hire, yet wasn't it Jerry the one who said he's going to make all the changes?

    I really don't care who hired who anymore... it doesn't make this dysfunctional outfit run any better either way. Just sick of all the agenda-backing theories being thrown out like they're gospel.
  10. RoyTheHammer

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    It takes a couple years to build the personel to fit the defense when you switch. Now that we finally have alot of quality LB's to fit the 34, we switch back to the 43. Good going.. now we'll have to draft high and spend big on DL the next couple offseason's to try and switch the personel again to fit this D.
  11. links18

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    Never mind fix the offensive line.....
  12. jazzcat22

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    When is their 1st album being released....:laugh2:

    Ever hear how Led Zeppelin chose their name?
  13. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I don't remember him saying, "I am going to make all the changes." I have no doubt that Jerry has been heavy handed but I also do not know anything with a certainty of who did what on whose advice etc.

    People just hear Jerry is involved and talking to Lacewell or Switzer and freak out.
  14. dfan32

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    Thank you. The differing opinions on this board expressed in arrogant, 'know it all' fashion, are getting difficult to wade thru. Why so many choose such a posture is beyond me.
  15. links18

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    With some reason, I am afraid....

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Garrett was with Kiffin in Tampa to see him coach first hand, but please don't the facts stand in the way of your argument.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I'm not saying JJ had no hand in it. But why is that surprising? He's the GM, and last I checked GMs are involved in coaching rank hiring decisions.

    But know this, if Garrett did not want the DC position upgraded, and if he did not view the Kiffin hiring as that upgrade and approve Kiffin's hiring, Rob Ryan will still be our DC until an upgrade is found.
  18. Coy

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    Fair enough, even though we don´t agree on this, I really like your posts and can understand the point you´re trying to make.
    And by the way, I love Jerry, this wasn´t a knock on him, I actually liked the hire it´s just that IMO everything starts with him, but I sure do respect your´s.
  19. CyberB0b

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    He was there for like a few weeks in 2004 as a 3rd string QB. Hardly what I would call first hand experience.
  20. Coy

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    I didn´t say it was surprising, and do know this, if JJ didn´t want Kiffin here or he wanted another DC, Kiffin wouldn´t be here no matter what JG wanted.
    I respect your opinion and I do agree with you that JG had to be on board with the hire, by no means am I saying that Jerry is a dictator, all I am trying to say is this, IMO at the end of the day Jerry calls the shots, no one else.

    Either way I hope Kiffin does an excellent job, I do like the hire by the way.

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