Kiper 4 round mock draft:

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jchap2k, Apr 9, 2009.

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    those 3 were all a long time ago...people act like they are still doing it or reaping rewards from that, and they arnt

    and Brohm isnt going to have much trade value, if any
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    Legit concern there imho.
    I hate bucking historical data.

    But not sure 6'6" is really any different from 6'5" and we have seen a few of those play well of late including Burress.

    I am hardly am expert on Barden who played at Cal-Poly but do consider him a heck of a physical specimen. And he meets my production criterion having about 200 college catches with an amazing 50 TDs and around 4K receiving yards. so he isn't a guy who doesn't know how to run and catch.

    Very similar prospect to Hardy who came out last year except Barden stayed in college all 4 years and had much higher averages on yards per catch.
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    Miller was a blue chip out of high school and those guys tend to rise on draft day. He was always tremendously physically gifted but guys can get somewhat lost at UT amid all the other blue-chips. A lot of really big guys do not do as well in college as they do in the pros.

    I would not be surprised to see Miller sneak in that 100-120 pick range. UT has put a lot of good DTs in the NFL the last 10 years.
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    Remember, the Cowboys like Max Unger and his versatility too.
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    Seems like a twice a year a thorn for the boys is Burress who is that height, only he has a little walnut head that is hard and not malleable. I think he is difficult to cover and thank god for that small dense head or we would never have a chance.
    I for one would like to have the mismatch, similar to what the media says we have with Witten, and Bennett only in the wr outfit.

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    For sure Burress (not 6'6 but he is 6'5...close enough) is the one WR exception. He is a VERY tough cover.
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    That draft would be a big mistake, imo.

    William Beatty in round 2? That guy from Kansas went in round 1 last year. Beatty is going in round 1.

    Duke Robinson in round 3?


    Do you think the Cowboys and Eagles would pass on him?

    Some of his other projections look bizar, too.

    The day the Cowboys draft an undersized, small school FS with some major holes in his game, when Hamlin makes big money and the SS is signed for one year, is the day flying monkies invade Alaska.

    Rashad Johnson > Luis Delmas

    Delmas is overrated, and I'm sticking to it.

    How is he so better than Rashad Johnson?

    If a FS is available at 51, in a weak safey class, there is a reason.

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    Mock drafting has never been Kiper's strong point. He does them because people ask him for them, his talent is knowing a lot about just about every single player that's eligible. You can pick the most obscure prospect and chances are Kiper knows something about the kid.
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    he was all over Justin Beriault, said he was one of the steals of the draft when we took him in the 6th

    so yeah, he knows alot about obscure prospects, obscure to fans at least
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    Seattle has this guy called Hasselback.
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    Wow, could've sworn I posted something in this thread earlier, but anyway...

    I like all of them a lot except I'd put Brinkley in Barden's place.

    I thought Webb looked really good at the combine in a lousy CB class, but isn't this way too high for him?
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    Take the the best value if the draft falls according to Kiper:

    51. Michael Johnson, OLB, Georgia Tech (tempted to take C Max Unger here too)
    69. Paul Kruger, ILB, Utah (OLB who will be better at ILB in the pros)
    101. Herman Johnson, OG, LSU (Ladarius Webb will still be there for us later - sorely tempted to take either Zack Follett, David Veikune or Mitch King here)
    117. James Casey, FB, Rice
  13. BAT

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    The next 7 picks:

    5th - ILB Jason Williams, Western Illinois
    CB/KR Ladarius Webb, Nicholls State
    DL Sammie Lee Hill, Stillman

    6th - QB Stephen McGee, Texas A&M
    WR Tiquan Underwood, Rutgers

    7th - DE Rulon Davis, UC Berkeley
    ILB Daniel Holtzclaw, Eastern Michigan*

    *in case Kruger can't cut it at ILB, solid backup to Bradie James
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    I caught Kiper on the radio today.

    He talked about the depth of the draft and the safeties.

    He said Louis Delmas was a good football player. He mentioned Dallas at 51.

    Also, he likes Rashad Johnson.

    He said size is an issue for both of them. He talked about Johnson's playing weight at Alabama being light.

    He sees Chip Vaughn as a 3-4 round guy, but some teams think he's a 6-7 round guy. Kiper said his knock is that he doesn't make enough plays.

    William Moore is Jeckle and Hyde. Mayock said he played like a top 15 pick during his junior year but played like a fourth rounder his senior year.

    Kiper likes Chirs Clemons, out of Clemson. He said he could be a 4th round pick who could excel. He said he played well at Clemson.

    All these safeties have flaws. It's a weak class. There may be a few good ones, but who is it? What if you miss in round 2?

    I would take Rashad Johnson in round 3 before Delmas at 51, and I think he might be there.

    I really think Duke Robinson is the player Dallas truely covets at 51, and I think this Brian Robiskie and Louis Delmas stuff is smoke, and I think the smoke is directed at the Bears.

    Is it a coincidence that when Delmas' stock starts to fall, we hear how Dallas "loves" him. Delmas has been compared to former Bears safety, Mike Brown.

    I think Duke Robinson is within reach, and I've been back and forth.

    Also, Kiper thinks Lawrence Sidbury Jr. could turn out to be one of the real stars in this draft.


    Kiper thinks Moore is coming off in early round 2.

    He thinks Sidbury is coming off the board in the 2-3 round range.

    Kiper thinks the same thing for Rashad Johnson.

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