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    NFC East only. Click the link for the rest of the league.

    Philadelphia Eagles: B+

    Top needs: OLB, S, CB, WR

    Needs: B+
    Value: B

    Summary: The Eagles did a solid job of adding talent and hitting needs, making up for one questionable decision early with a number of solid ones down the board. Philadelphia moved down and then selected Marcus Smith, the No. 85-ranked player on my board. But while I didn't love the value, again, it came after the Eagles had moved down and accrued a little value. And he hits a need, because they're too reliant on Trent Cole as a pass-rusher and Smith can turn the corner and provide some pressure. The only receivers Philly has under contract past next season are Riley Cooper, Jeff Maehl and Jeremy Maclin (who is coming back from an ACL injury). The Eagles don't just need receivers, they need projectable players that can help soon. I thought Jordan Matthews would have made sense at No. 22, much less 42. I love that pick. Josh Huff offers underrated after-the-catch explosiveness -- he had 24 catches of 20-plus yards in 2013 -- has obvious familiarity with Kelly's methods and he's a guy who really competes and makes contested catches. Jaylen Watkins is a good value in Round 3, and was the first Florida CB off the board in a year where they have a few decent ones. Ed Reynolds is a player I thought could have been a second-round type had he stayed at Stanford another year, but he can give the Eagles a future potential starter and really anticipates well. Taylor Hart is another guy Kelly knows well, and could help the pass rush at some point. The Smith value was iffy, but I understand it, and they did a solid job thereafter.

    2014 draft picks
    1(26) OLB Marcus Smith Louisville
    2(42) WR Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt
    3(86) WR Josh Huff Oregon
    4(101) CB Jaylen Watkins Florida
    5(141) DE Taylor Hart Oregon
    5(162) DB Ed Reynolds Stanford
    7(224) DT Beau Allen Wisconsin


    New York Giants: B

    Top needs: TE, WR, OL, DL

    Needs: B
    Value: B+

    Summary: Odell Beckham Jr. has a chance to be a really dynamic NFL player, a reliable pass-catcher with both the quick-twitch explosiveness to make plays after the catch, and the straight-line speed to run away from defenders. I thought Eric Ebron could be in play at No. 12, but Detroit took him at No. 10. Eli Manning gets a needed weapon in the passing game. The Giants then got more physical. Weston Richburg was a solid Round 2 value, a very good blocker with the chance to be a solid center for the next 10 years. I think it should be his job to lose. Jay Bromley was a reach for me -- I had a number of defensive tackles rated higher -- but "DT" doesn't do justice to the different kinds of fits you're looking for in a system, and I can see how Bromley makes sense there. Andre Brown led the Giants with 492 rushing yards last season and he's no longer around. Andre Williams gives the Giants a bruising runner to strengthen the depth chart. Devon Kennard and Bennett Jackson both have ability and provide needed depth. I had tight end as a need, but adding a weapon in the passing game was the real impetus there, and Beckham does that. Richburg will be a good one. I think the D-line needs more help, so Bromley will be a key.

    2014 draft picks
    1(12) WR Odell Beckham Jr. LSU
    2(43) C Weston Richburg Colorado State
    3(74) DT Jay Bromley Syracuse
    4(113) RB Andre Williams Boston College
    5(152) S Nat Berhe San Diego State
    5(174) OLB Devon Kennard USC
    6(187) CB Bennett Jackson Notre Dame


    Dallas Cowboys: B

    Top needs: DL, S, G, WR

    Needs: B-
    Value: B

    Summary: Give Jerry Jones credit: I don't think it's unfair to at least be tempted by the prospect of Johnny Football with that blue star on his helmet, playing in that football theatre. But Manziel isn't making Dallas a better team in 2014, and Tony Romo -- for all the derision -- is a really good QB when he gets protection. The Dallas offensive line with Zack Martin isn't just the strength of the team, it's arguably among the top few units in the NFL. They are going to be able to run the ball. I had Martin as high as the top 10, so that's not a bad pick. I can see why Dallas added Demarcus Lawrence where it did, but a third is pricey in this draft. Devin Street addresses the depth the Cowboys really do need at WR, and they used the run of seventh-round picks to pile up some lottery tickets at need spots like safety, defensive tackle and cornerback, where Terrance Mitchell at times looked a lot better than your typical late-rounder. His 40 time didn't help, but he could stick. The Cowboys mixed in that typical moment of aggression, but in some ways they were as disciplined as any team in the draft, and they took some good shots to hit needs.

    2014 draft picks
    1(16) T Zack Martin Notre Dame
    2(34) DE Demarcus Lawrence Boise State
    4(119) OLB Anthony Hitchens Iowa
    5(146) WR Devin Street Pittsburgh
    7(231) DE Ben Gardner Stanford
    7(238) OLB Will Smith Texas Tech
    7(248) S Ahmad Dixon Baylor
    7(251) DT Ken Bishop Northern Illinois
    7(254) DB Terrance Mitchell Oregon


    Washington Redskins: C+

    Top needs: RT, CB, ILB, S

    Needs: C+
    Value: C

    Summary: This was a mixed draft, with some really good value in a couple spots, questionable value in others, a big need hit, but another couple that weren't. First of all, I like the fact that Washington moved down. I consider this a deep draft, and the Redskins have struggled with roster depth in recent years due to the Robert Griffin III deal. Give yourself more chances to get good players. In Trent Murphy the Redskins got a productive pass-rusher, they just didn't get the best one available at that spot based on my board. I don't agree completely with Todd that Murphy could have been available in Round 4, but I did think he could be around a little later. Morgan Moses represented good value in Round 3, but he needs work because the measurables are better than the player. He could be a solution at right tackle however, and boy do they need one. The Spencer Long pick was a bit of a puzzler. I saw him going later, as he's coming off a season-ending knee injury. Bashaud Breeland could be a good value at CB, and Lache Seastrunk is extremely explosive for a player taken that late in the draft -- he can be better if he stays more north and south. I wish the Skins would have added a safety, and maybe targeted CB earlier. This draft also represents the end of the RG III deal. We'll welcome Washington back to Round 1 next year.

    2014 draft picks
    2(47) OLB Trent Murphy Stanford
    3(66) T Morgan Moses Virginia
    3(78) G Spencer Long Nebraska
    4(102) CB Bashaud Breeland Clemson
    5(142) WR Ryan Grant Tulane
    6(186) RB Lache Seastrunk Baylor
    7(217) TE Ted Bolser Indiana
    7(228) K Zach Hocker Arkansas
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    Giants draft was very good but I think Philly is rated too high here.
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    While I do not think Dallas had a great draft, I don't think any team in the NFC east jumped ahead of the group either. I was mainly worried about the eagles.

    They have had it appears two good drafts in a row. If they have a third, that is not good news for the division. I like some of their picks but I don't consider them having another homerun draft.
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    Fair grade for the Cowboys. I was expecting Hitchens to be mentioned as a reach though.
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    I agree with him. Good picks at the top, trade too pricey, solid late round picks including Mitchell in particular.
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    It was a solid draft with exception of Anthony Hitchens. I give them a B -.
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    Still think the NFC east can be won by anybody. Health will be our key
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    I don't truly care that much but how can Philly screw up their 1st rounder and still get a B+. And I like Marcus Smith…as a late 2nd to early 3rd. The others went where they were supposed to go. If a team screws up RD1, automatic C+ at best.

    I thought we had the best draft if for no other reason than Martin can be a great Guard and Lawrence has the potential for being a quality pass rush guy. The 4th rounder has me scratching my head, but this scouting department has been pretty good on assessing LB (Carter's Soph slump notwithstanding).

    Faves from each team…
    PHI - Jordan Matthews
    NYG - Andre Williams
    DAL - Zack Martin
    WAS - Lache Seastrunk
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    Health and the trenches.
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    Philly with a B+ when they had multi round reaches in the 1st and 3rd rounds? Welp, Kiper is an eagles fan.....Frederick was a 2nd round projection last year that we "massively" reached for in the 1st and we still hear about it today but good ole philly does this and they get a free teabagging? OOOOOK
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    1st. Beckham...good pick...was a 1st rd grade

    2nd. Winston Richburg C...........
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 3-4

    3rd. Jay Bromley DT......
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 4-5


    1. Marcus Smith OLB........
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 3-4

    2. Jordan Mathews WR......
    Draft Projection
    Rounds it's about right

    3. Josh Huff WR.....
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 5-6

    Skins: pick

    2nd. Trent Murphy OLB....
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 2-3...decent value

    3rd. Morgan Moses OT....
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 2-3....good value

    3rd. (from Dallas) Spencer Long OG....
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 3-4


    1st. Zack Martin OT........
    Draft Projection
    Round 1

    2nd. Demarcus Lawrence DE
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 1-2 (top 50)
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    Must be named the "dream draft" I tell ya that Chip Kelly is reinventing the NFL......That "high powered" offense of his actually outscored the Cowboys by 3 points for the entire season
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    Honestly observing that the Dallas Cowboys on paper had the best Draft in the NFC E.
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    Actually I think his evaluations aren't bad. He hits Dallas pretty squarely on the head. I think as fans we are too invested at times to make a good evaluation, especially while "in the moment" so to speak.

    Do I love giving up a 3rd in a talent rich draft? No
    Do I love us picking a LB that few of us had ever heard of? No

    Standing back, reading some info and seeing how excited Marinelli was talking to these guys gives me a little different perspective. Instead of pissing and moaning, I am gonna sit back and see how they do.
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    I agree. By a decent margin, too.
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    I think Dallas did well compared to the division as a whole.

    Philly's is not great at all. But so many are scheme specific, I guess they're boosting them for that.

    New York is solid.

    Washington did ok for not having a 1st rounder. But not having an top end player probably does put them in the C range on face value. It'd be higher if graded by what they did with what they had.
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    There's been a lot of discussion about Dallas reaching for Hitchens. But it looks to me like everyone in the NFC East had at least one reach. The difference is Dallas had theirs in the 4th round while Philadelphia's was in the 1st and NY's and Washington's was in the 3rd.
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    at this point we have registered for classes and we are predicting final grades--too early to tell--but I'm not as enamored with the genius of Chippy just yet--he snuck up people last year with another guys players and I'm no impressed with this years draft for the Eagles
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    Dallas Morning News grades

    Dallas B-
    New York C+
    Philly B
    Wash B
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    Maybe, just maybe, Kipers "projections" don't mean diddly when the guys ALL go earlier lol

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