kiper likes our picks, but questions not taking needs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qbert, Apr 27, 2013.

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    The picks:
    , No. 47; , No. 74; , No. 80
    Summary: You won't hear me questioning the talent of the players Dallas has selected. I'm a big fan of Escobar, who is a matchup threat and a great pass-catcher at tight end. Williams is also a pretty good value on the board that late, and can stretch the defense. My issue is that in Escobar and Williams, the Cowboys didn't target a more pressing need, which is some youth on the defensive line. Anthony Spencer is the only member of the Cowboys' defensive front under 30, and it's not like Spencer hasn't played a lot of football. I saw D-tackle as a big need and they haven't touched it. I really do like the pick of Wilcox at No. 80. He's a high-ceiling prospect who will have to adjust to the new level of competition, but could be good, and he hits a need. Not bad players, but Williams in particular felt like a luxury pick to me.
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    Well, first, Mel should know it's not about needs in the draft.

    Second, Williams most certainly fills a need. We had no legitimate backup WR to Dez or Miles outside. All our depth WRs are slot guys. Now we have one.
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    This is a draft that at each pick individually it may look a bit odd. But in the end , hopefully, as a whole group, it may look pretty good.

    I think Mel is right regarding need. And I think at most of those picks, there were players as good or better that played greater need positions. So we could have gotten BPA and need, imo.
    I'm shocked that only one player so far has been at any of the 9 oline or dline positions.
    But so far, I can't complain too much.
    3 more picks remaining too!
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    When I look at our GM and VP of Personnel, I'm not surprised at all.

    They probably had to use a can of air freshener after drafting Frederick.

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