****Kiper Mock Draft- Final Results****

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    Avery and Cbz40 would like to say thanks for your participation and for a job well done.

    Results from Round 1:

    1. SAN FRANCISCO- Aaron Rodgers QB (California)
    2. MIAMI- Braylon Edwards WR (Michigan)
    3. CLEVELAND- Ronnie Brown RB (Auburn)
    4. CHICAGO- Mike Willaims WR (USC)
    5. TAMPA BAY- Alex Smith QB (Utah)
    6. TENNESSEE- Antrell Rolle CB (Miami)
    7. MINNESOTA- Derrick Johnson OLB (Texas)
    8. ARIZONA- Carnell Williams RB (Auburn)
    9. WASHINGTON- Adam Jones CB (West Virginia)
    10. DETROIT- Shawne Merriman DE/OLB (Maryland)
    11. DALLAS- Demarcus Ware DE/OLB (Troy State)
    12. SAN DIEGO- Marcus Spears DE (LSU)
    13. JACKSONVILLE- Cedric Benson RB (Texas)
    14. CAROLINA- Troy Willaimson WR (South Carolina)
    15. KANSAS CITY- Carlos Rogers CB (Auburn)
    16. NEW ORLEANS- Travis Johnson DT (Florida State)
    17. CINCINATTI- Erasmus James DE (Wisconsin)
    18. MINNESOTA- Alex Barron OT (Florida State)
    19. JACKSONVILLE- David Pollack DE/OLB (Georgia)
    20. ATLANTA- Roddy White WR (UAB)
    21. SEATTLE- Mark Clayton WR (Oklahoma)
    22. BALTIMORE- Jamaal Brown OT (Oklahoma)
    23. HOUSTON- Khalif Barnes OT (Washington)
    24. GREEN BAY- Channing Crowder ILB (Florida)
    25. DENVER- Heath Miller TE (Virginia)
    26. NY JETS- Luis Castillo DT (Northwestern)
    27. DALLAS- Brodney Pool FS (Oklahoma)
    28. SAN DIEGO- Dan Cody DE (Oklahoma)
    29. INDIANAPOLIS- Antajj Hawthorne DT (Wisconsin)
    30. PITTSBURGH- Mtt Jones WR (Arkansas)
    31. PHILADELPHIA- Shaun Cody DT (USC)
    32. NEW ENGLAND- Thomas Davis S (Georgia)

    Dallas/Atlanta Trade: Dallas receives picks #27 & #90 from Atlanta for the Dallas # 20 pick

    Second round

    33. SAN FRANCISCO- Fabian Washington CB (Nebraska)
    34. CLEVELAND- Daryll Blackstock OLB (Virgina)
    35. DENVER- Justin Tuck DE/OLB (Notre Dame)
    36. NEW ORLEANS- Kevin Burnett OLB (Tennessee)
    37. TENNESSEE- David Baas OG (Michigan)
    38. OAKLAND- Marlin Jackson CB (Michigan)
    39. CHICAGO- Alex Smith TE (Stanford)
    40. TAMPA BAY- Matt Roth DE (Iowa)
    41. DETROIT- Justin Miller CB (Clemson)
    42. DALLAS- Marcus Johnson OG (Mississippi)
    43. NY GIANTS- Mike Patterson DT (USC)
    44. ARIZONA- Barrett Ruud ILB (Nebraska)
    45. CAROLINA- Chris Spencer OG (Mississippi)
    46. KANSAS CITY- Josh Bullocks FS (Nebraska)
    47. ATLANTA- Adam Terry OT (Syracuse)
    48. CINCINATTI- Ben Wilerson OG (LSU)
    49. MINNESOTA- Jerome Mathis WR (Hampton)
    50. ST. LOUIS- Elton Brown OG (Virginia)
    51. GREEN BAY- Corey Webster CB (LSU)
    52. ST. LOUIS- Brandon Browner CB (Oregon State)
    53. BALTIMORE- Terrence Murphy WR (Texas A&M)
    54. INDIANAPOLIS- Odell Thurman ILB (Georgia)
    55. BUFFALO- Chris Canty DE (Virginia)
    56. DENVER- Eric Green CB (Virginia Tech)
    57. NY JETS- Evan Mathis OG (Alabama)
    58. GREEN BAY- Adrian McPherson QB (Florida State)
    59. ATLANTA- James Butler FS (Georgia Tech)
    60. SEATTLE- Lance Mitchell ILB (Oklahoma)
    61. SAN DIEGO - Reggie Brown WR (Georgia)
    62. PITTSBURGH - Ray Willis OT (FSU)
    63. PHILADELPHIA - Ciatrick Fason Rb (Florida)
    64. NEW ENGLAND - Bryant McFadden CB (FSU)

    Third round
    65. San Francisco - Chris Henry, WR, WVU
    66. St. Louis (from Miami) Charlie Frye QB
    67. Cleveland - Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
    68. Tennessee - Jonathan Babineaux DE
    69. Oakland - Rob McCune, LB
    70. Miami (from Chicago) JJ Arrington
    71. Tampa Bay - Marion Barber III RB from the University of Minnesota
    72. Detroit- QB Kyle Orton
    73. Houston (from Dallas) RB Vernand Morency
    74. New York- Giants Claude Terrell G from NM
    75. Arizona - Ernest Shazor
    76. Washington - Bill Swancutt DE
    77. Philadelphia (from Kansas City) -RB Eric Shelton
    78. Houston - Sean Considine S
    79. Carolina - Vincent Fuller, S from Va Tech
    80. Minnesota - Mike Nugent, K, Ohio State
    81. St. Louis - Roscoe Parrish WR
    82. New Orleans - Mark Bradley WR
    83. Cincinnati - Anthony Bryant, DT
    84. Baltimore - QB David Greene, GA
    85. Seattle- Michael Boley OLB, Southern Mississippi
    86. Buffalo- Chris Komeatuo, OG
    87. Houston trade Jacksonville Chris Colmer OT
    88. New York Jets - Kevin Everitt, TE
    89. Green Bay - CJ Mosley, DT
    90. Dallas (from Atlanta)- Ryan Moats, RB
    91. Tampa Bay(from San Diego)-WR VIncent Jackson,WR, Northen Colorado Unv.
    92. Indianapolis - Dustin Fox, S, Ohio State
    93. Pittsburgh - Logan Mankins, OG
    94. Philadelphia - Antonio Perkins, CB
    95. Arizona (from New England) -QB Andrew Walter
    96(c). Tennessee - Fred Gibson, WR
    97(c). Denver - Dan Orlovsky, QB UCONN.
    98(c). Seattle - Darrent Williams, CB OSU
    99(c). Kansas City- Darren Sproles, RB Kansas State University
    100(c). New England - Frank Gore RB Miami
    101(c). Denver - Wesley Britt, OT from the University of Alabama
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    Not a bad draft, however I'd rather have Blackstock @ #27 then Pool. Although FS is a need area.
  3. 5mics

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    I left after the 2nd round. What happened to round 4? :confused:
  4. Duane

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    Most people were tired and decided to call it a day.
  5. 5mics

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    Thanks! That's what I figured....
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    i want either marcus spears or mike williams (if still available) at 11.... but we will have to wait and see
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    Kiper's Mock gives us a lot better value than the one on DraftIcon. The latter's Mock Draft is as bad as any I've seen both in terms of value and impact on the team. What a stinker!
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    Good job. You have to think, though, that if NO takes that DT, Howard's value to them would fall....maybe get a deal?

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