Kiper regrades the 2013 draft....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Dallas Cowboys

    1(31) Travis Frederick C Wisconsin
    2(47) Gavin Escobar TE San Diego St.
    3(74) Terrance WIlliams WR Baylor
    3(80) J.J. Wilcox S Georgia Southern
    4(114) B.W. Webb CB William & Mary
    5(151) Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma St.
    6(185) DeVonte Hollomon LB South Carolina

    Post-draft grade: C+

    Summary: The Dallas draft looks better today than it did the night I handed out grades. At the time, I was critical not just of the fact that they didn't get enough pick value in return for trading down but that, after moving down, they added a player in Frederick I felt they could have gotten in Round 2 (still believe that). That said, Frederick was very good and turned what had been a revolving door position into a spot of stability. You can't say Dallas didn't improve appreciably at a need position there. Williams in Round 3 was a solid get, and he became a bigger factor in the Dallas offense and was among the top five rookie pass-catchers. Escobar is blocked by Jason Witten but will be a starter. Wilcox isn't ready to start, but he was forced to and provided at least some value. Randle has the upside of a No. 1 back and got 54 carries. Holloman saw action, but it wasn't pretty. Overall, the draft looks better today; it's just still hard for me to believe a defensive lineman wasn't a part of the haul, given the age of that group.

    New grade: B
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  2. bodi

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    well that nice of him
  3. Leadbelly

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    We passed!

    Seems like he's underrating Holloman and overrating Randle, especially considering Holloman's plays came at a new position for him and he missed almost 1/3 of the season with a neck something. And he was also a very good special teams guy.
  4. reddyuta

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    If Hollowman and Wilcox can shake off injury problems and improve their games to be starters then this is a great draft,i dont think Escobar is still worth it though.He will never be a factor in Dallas but may have a good career elsewhere.
  5. theranchsucks

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    I hate Kiper and his bs grading system.....all of his grades are D+ to A- most being C- to B+.

    I would love to see his grades true from 50-100
  6. Hardline

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    I would like to know how he believes Fredrick would have been there in the 2nd round? If he has a crystal ball,lets hire him and make him in charge of the draft for us.
  7. jnday

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    It was widely thought that Dallas reached on Fred when the pick was announced. It worked out well for the Cowboys, but I agree with the initial thoughts that he would have been there in the second.
  8. tm1119

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    Its really easy to bash Kiper but he's really not that bad. I would say a C+ upgraded to B because Fred played better than expected is pretty fair.
  9. Questfor6

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    If we'd of taken Lacy in the 2nd we would've got a A+ on the regrade
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  10. Idgit

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    Or, he'd have been blocked by Murray the same way Escobar was by Witten.
  11. btcutter

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    1 year out is still too early. Only sure thing I see is Fredrickson. Even Terrance William hasn't proven to be a #2 yet. Randle hasn't done anything.
  12. Risen Star

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    Who are you, Mr. Miyagi?
  13. Joe Rod

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    I know this is just my personal opinion, but if Dallas had drafted Lacey then Murray would not have reclaimed his starting job when he got back from his injury (and if you read my posts, I am very pro-Murray).
  14. Risen Star

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    I agree. Lacy is better than Murray.

    I remember saying that in the summer and being foamed by the mob here. After one season it's not so ridiculous sounding.

    There were several options for the Cowboys to make better use of their 2nd round pick than Escobar. Warford being the most obvious and best value.
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  15. chicago JK

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    He is higher on Randle and lower on Holloman than I am but I agree with most. I think this draft will be a sold B draft. I don't think it will rise to a home run draft nor do I think it will lower to a stinker as we have seen in the past. I expect a group of very solid players in this draft.

    I think the next two drafts are key for this team. We are more than one home run offseason from competing for a championship. Although in the next two years if we have a home run draft and another solid draft, I think you can have a core to build around ( in addition to the draft I am am hoping for smart and good free agent pickups and hopefully not the big splash signing). I would be thrilled in the next two years if we wound up with talents similar to Dez, Lee and Tyron regardless of position in the first and second rounds. Hopefully this team can find some players later in the draft to be core players as has been awhile.
  16. Future

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    I think there's a pretty good chance that all three are starters next year. Esco not over Witten, but in tandem with, and I think he's going to be used a lot more next year. They can't justify not giving him ore opportunities to catch the football, regardless of his blocking.
  17. btcutter

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    You wish I were. Then I could have healed all those Hammy injuries we had for past two years.
  18. the_h0wey

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    C+ was still a passing grade before. Trust me I can show you my College transcripts to back it up.
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  19. KDM256

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    I agree but Lacy was picked up before our 2nd pick came up along with Leveon Bell, so both of those weren't options at the time
  20. DFWJC

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    well, seeing that he was the next to last player taken in the 1st round...not much of a stretch there
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