Kiper: Top 5 Prospects Post-Senior Bowl

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    The Senior Bowl not only shook up my Big Board of the top 25 NFL draft prospects, but also my listing of the top five prospects at each position.

    Quarterbacks Jason Campbell of Auburn and Charlie Frye of Akron both looked good at the Senior Bowl, but Campbell edged ahead of Frye thanks to a more consistent week of practice. Oklahoma wide receiver Mark Clayton also looked good and got himself into position to challenge for the No. 3 spot among this year's wideout class. But the biggest moves on offense were made along the line. Washington tackle Khalif Barnes and Utah guard Chris Kemoeatu both rank No. 2 at their position after being unranked the last time around.

    On the defensive side, LSU's Marcus Spears looked very good at the Senior Bowl and is back among the top ends while Troy's Demarcus Ware has bulked up a bit and now rates as a top outside linebacker. Three of the five names at safety are new to the rankings as well.

    Here's the complete breakdown: (previous rank in parentheses)


    1. Alex Smith (jr.), Utah (same)
    2. Aaron Rodgers (jr.), California (same)
    3. Jason Campbell, Auburn (4)
    4. Charlie Frye, Akron (3)
    5. Kyle Orton, Purdue (same)

    Running Back:
    1. Cedric Benson, Texas (same)
    2. Ronnie Brown, Auburn (same)
    3. Carnell Williams, Auburn (same)
    4. Vernand Morency (jr.), Oklahoma State (same)
    5. Eric Shelton (jr.), RB, Louisville (same)

    1. Paul Jefferson, Penn State (same)
    2. Branden Joe, Ohio State (same)
    3. Kyle Eckel, Navy (same)
    4. Kevin Dudley, Michigan (same)
    5. Keith Joseph, Texas A&M (same)

    Wide Receiver:
    1. Braylon Edwards, Michigan (same)
    2. Mike Williams (jr.), USC (same)
    3. Troy Williamson (jr.), South Carolina (same)
    4. Roddy White, UAB (same)
    5. Mark Clayton, Oklahoma (unranked)
    Roscoe Parrish (jr.), Miami (5)

    Tight End:
    1. Heath Miller (jr.), Virginia (same)
    2. Alex Smith, Stanford (same)
    3. Garrett Cross, California (same)
    4. Steve Fleming, Arizona (same)
    5. Kevin Everett, Miami (same)

    1. Alex Barron, Florida State (same)
    2. Khalif Barnes, Washington (unranked)
    3. Jammal Brown, Oklahoma (2)
    4. Adam Terry, Syracuse (3)
    5. Adam Snyder, Oregon (unranked)
    Pete McMahon, Iowa (4)
    Chris Colmer, N.C. State (5)

    1. Marcus Johnson, Ole Miss (same)
    2. Chris Kemoeatu, Utah (unranked)
    3. Logan Mankins, Fresno State (2)
    4. Elton Brown, Virginia (3)
    5. Dan Buenning,, Wisconsin (same)
    Evan Mathis, Alabama (4)

    1. Chris Spencer (jr.), Ole Miss (2)
    2. Jason Brown, North Carolina (5)
    3. Ben Wilkerson, LSU (same)
    4. David Baas, Michigan (1)
    5. Dylan Gandy, Texas Tech (unranked)
    Junius Coston, North Carolina A&T (4)

    1. Mike Nugent, Ohio State (same)
    2. Dave Rayner, Michigan State (same)
    3. Rhys Lloyd, Minnesota (4)
    4. Matt Payne, BYU (5)
    5. Tyler Jones, Boise State (unranked)
    Nick Novak, Maryland (3)​


    Defensive End:
    1. Dan Cody, Oklahoma (same)
    2. Erasmus James, Wisconsin (same)
    3. Marcus Spears, LSU (unranked)
    4. Matt Roth, Iowa (same)
    5. Shaun Cody, USC (3)
    David Pollack, Georgia (5)

    1. Travis Johnson, Florida State (same)
    2. Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin (4)
    3. Mike Patterson, USC (same)
    4. Jonathan Babineaux, Iowa (unranked)
    5. Chris Canty, Virginia (2)
    Ronald Fields, Mississippi State (5)

    Inside Linebacker:
    1. Channing Crowder (so.), Florida (same)
    2. Odell Thurman (jr.), Georgia (same)
    3. Barrett Ruud, Nebraska (same)
    4. Lofa Tatupu (jr.), USC (unranked)
    5. Adam Seward, UNLV (4)
    Kirk Morrison, San Diego State (5)

    Outside Linebacker:
    1. Derrick Johnson, Texas (same)
    2. Shawne Merriman (jr.), Maryland (same)
    3. Demarcus Ware, Troy (unranked)
    4. Thomas Davis (jr.), Georgia (3)
    5. Darryl Blackstock (jr.), Virginia (unranked)
    Rian Wallace (jr.), Temple (4)
    Kevin Burnett, Tennessee (5)

    1. Adam "Pac-Man" Jones (jr.), West Virginia (same)
    2. Antrel Rolle, Miami (same)
    3. Carlos Rogers, Auburn (same)
    4. Brandon Browner (so.), Oregon State (unranked)
    5. Justin Miller (jr.), Clemson (same)
    Bryant McFadden, Florida State (4)

    1. Brodney Pool (jr.), Oklahoma (same)
    2. Ernest Shazor (jr.), Michigan (same)
    3. Josh Bullocks (jr.), Nebraska (unranked)
    4. Marlin Jackson, Michigan (unranked)
    5. Sean Considine, Iowa (unranked)
    Jason Allen (jr.), Tennessee (3)
    Vincent Fuller, Virginia Tech (4)
    Oshiomogho Atogwe, Stanford (5)

    1. Dustin Colquitt, Tennessee (same)
    2. D.J. Fitzpatrick, Notre Dame (unranked)
    3. Gary Cook, UNLV (same)
    4. Chris Kluwe, UCLA (same)
    5. Bryce Benekos, UTEP (same)
    Cole Farden, Oklahoma State (2)​

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