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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Everybody knows you can't grade an NFL draft on performance the day it ends. You can't do it for years, which is part of the reason why I audit old drafts. What I do here is assess three main things:

    • How much overall talent did a team add based on board position?
    • How effectively did they address key personnel needs?
    • How efficient were they in maneuvering on the draft board?

    And I use my player grades as the prism. I'm well aware all NFL teams see players differently -- I might have a third-round grade on a safety many teams see as a late-round pick. That's the reality of player evaluations.

    Grading Scale: In my mind an "A" means it's exceptional; a "B" is pretty good; a "C" means average, with hits and misses; a "D" means below average with some big questions. An "F" … well, I didn't have one.

    Dallas Cowboys

    Needs: B
    Value: C-
    Overall: C+

    Summary: I'm pretty sure I described the Dallas draft as "a little all over the place" when I was asked about it midway through. But looking at all the picks together, I'll tell you it certainly improved in my eyes as we got into the later rounds. I was a little critical of the first-round pick, just because the Cowboys drafted a player I thought they could have taken at least 30 spots later. <A href="">Travis Frederick was my 87th-ranked player. And yet they should get credit because he'll be a starter at a position where they were a total mess in 2013. <A href="">Gavin Escobar is a good tight end and a great catcher of the football, and he can learn from Jason Witten, but Witten can still play. Similar story with Terrence Williams, an extremely productive wideout for Baylor, who offers depth with the potential to start. Now, those are players I like, but taking two pass-catchers without addressing safety or an aging defensive line seemed really odd to me. Then it got better. J.J. Wilcox has the potential to become a starter and was my No. 5-ranked safety. B.W. Webb is also a prospect at corner out of William & Mary. My concern with both of those picks is the jump in competition, so they'll need seasoning. Randle is a get at a need position late. The Cowboys made some good picks, but no help on the defensive line or depth at tackle out of this draft is disappointing.
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    8-8 teams usually have 8-8 drafts.
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    I would agree with the depth at DL as an issue. I think that's a fair observation.

    In hindsight, I like this draft more after the third day. I was against the Escobar pick, but if we run plenty of two TE sets, it makes sense.

    If anything, this draft has proven that Austin is on borrowed time, our CB depth looks to be pretty good and that a FA along the OL is likely in the cards.
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    The Giants have a pretty bad draft, him grading us the same as them shows how stupid he is.
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    Yeah some depth on the DL would've be nice, just don't think we can do everything in one offseason.

    The 2-TE sets will be the key to knowing if Escobar was a waste of time or not. As for the rest, it was really BPA, as I said before the draft we could pretty much draft any position on the field and cut a guy from that position group cause of lack of production, age, or cost.
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    I would be very interested in a long term (like last 10 years or so) grade of Mel Kiper's evaluation skills.
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    It would be significantly better than Jerry Jones'.
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    Mike Mayock loved our draft and I trust him more than the bird man.
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    that's been done in various forms and fashions.

    kiper is no better than many when averaged.
    he has some famous misses and some strong hits as well.

    he isnt a troll like boylhart but he isn't running or assisting an nfl team either.

    with insider access you can see his grades each year and also his re-grades which show he admits to being off on a per team basis regularly by a grade or more.

    but again he is taking this seriously and isnt a troll. he makes good notes likes rolando mcclain being a hooligan.
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    The last 4 Cowboy drafts have been very solid. Those 4 years, we've used our first pick on the OL twice. Maybe Jerry finally gets it.
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    Every thread????
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    Far and away, the most ignored subject so far, Jerry spending 2 of his last 3 first rounders on the OL. The list isn't a very long of teams that have drafted more than 2 1st rounders on the OL like we have done in the last 3 years. Sure the 9ers have 3, but we will have the same number as the vaulted Jets and Browns OLs.

    We needed the OL picks, but it also has to be recognized that there are other needs all over this team, and they are doing a good job of addressing them lately. Next year, maybe we can go full court press on the DL, but with alot of vets there hopefully we can make it through this year.
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    And in the past 3 drafts we've drafted 2 other o lineman besides the 2 1st round picks. 1 was Arkin who is in grave danger of not making the team, and the other was Nagy who was a 7th round pick and no longer on the team.

    When you're o line is a joke thats not acceptable.
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    What did he say that you disagreed with? Forget what he said about anyone else, he was exactly right with what he said about us...dude has made millions and is considered one of the best in the biz...hating shows ignorance
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    Bennett didnt work out because he didnt earn Romo's trust by dropping key passes and failing to line up properly multiple times even in his latter years,Romo will not target you if he feels you are not reliable catcher.
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    He says we ignored S, but then says Wilcox is his 5th best S. DL is solid for us and no one drafted is going to start over Hatcher and Ratliff. Frederick filled a big need and netted us a 3rd, who turned into a possible 2WR. I give the draft a solid B/B+.
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    I've frequented this site for a few years without posting much. Most of the discusions are entertaining and informative, some, not so much. It's hard to understanding the purpose of those who continually berate the owner/GM, coaches, and personel decisions. What does it accomplish? I was born the same year the Cowboys were, and have been a fan for as long as I can remember. The owner/GM is not going to change, and I don't think it should, so why continue calling for it to take place? Move on. Life is too short to allow something as trivial as football to steal your joy. The Cowboys will return to the top, and when they do, the wait will have made the experience more enjoyable.
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    I read that in the last 5 years Kiper's analysis and report graded out # 4 for accuracy. Don't ask for a link. I read it.
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    If your sig is picturing Jerry Jones beating down the fan base...then warrants being reflected in every thread. Every post. Every other word.


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