Kiper's grades

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 28, 2013.

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    We ignored S for this year and possibly next too. Wilcox is as raw as it comes. Playing 1 year of D2 level safety does not make him any where near NFL ready.

    And what happens if/when Ratliff gets hurt again? He hasn't been a very productive player since 2010, he can't be relied on unfortunately. Not saying he can't be a good player still, but if he goes down we have Brian Price and Sean Lissemore behind him. Not exactly the type of talent that should keep a team from drafting the position. And youre ignoring the fact that we have Wilber as our primary backup pass rusher.
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    Whether we received A or F, it doesn't matter to me, I'm always looking forward to drafts to help the team out, and looking forward to them in the training camps to see how well they adjust NFL speed and power.
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    Mainly because he loved our draft. Right?
    Actually. Are you sure Mayock "loved" our draft?
    Was it an A+?

    Anyway, in three years well have a better answer
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    I'm not in love with our draft in the least. I don't hate it but I'm not thrilled with it.
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    Nice post. I'll take in consideration what you said. If you think I'm angry you're wrong. I stopped being angry after the 2010 season. Now it's just laughable. I was born the year Jerry bought the team so we have different perspectives I guess. Vaguely remember 1995, 95% of my fanhood has been disappointment after disappointment.
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    Good point!:bow:
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    Did Mayock hand out grades? I'd be curious to "thee" what he "thinkth".
  8. Risen Star

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    BTW, Frank Caliendo's Kiper impression had me roaring. Very well done.
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    Because when a team wins one playoff game in 17 years and doesn't in any way, shape or form change the way it is run, how decisions are made or how the organization approaches the draft, FA or personnel, it is utterly impossible to discuss the performance of the team, or lack thereof, without talking about the main culprit responsible.

    Talking about the team without mentioning Jerry is like trying to figure out why your lawn is wet without discussing the rain.

    Does it get excessive? Yeah probably. But to watch this ego maniac make the same mistakes over and over for close to two decades is frustrating as heck, and for some this board is a place to vent that frustration.
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    I haven't seen any grades...not sure he does that.

    I know we should all just judge drafts using our own take with a little help from the analysts, as rankings can be way off.

    But here's a hint.
    In Mayocks final ranking he had

    Shariff Floyd ranked 2nd
    Travis Frederick ranked 92nd:laugh2:

    So just from only that, An "A" would be impossible

    That does not mean it wasn't a solid draft, but just putting some perspective in there?
    He did like Terrance Williams...had him 53rd.
    But then he had Escobar at 76...which more realistic.
  11. Randy White

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    Here's the point that most people in here miss when it comes to Escobar. It's also the point they missed with the selection of Marty B and to a lesser extent Fasano before him. Forget the 2 TE set for a moment.

    What happens if Jason Witten suffers an injury ? What are Escobar's strengths ? What's Witten's specialty ?

    Believe me, I get the " value " argument. I've been a proponent of sticking to " value " for most of my draftnick years. However, the NFL has changed and teams are trying to adjust to that change.

    The term " value " represents something else now than it did in previous years. For most teams, " value " equals filling a need with not just a talented player, but a player who will contribute as soon as possible. That's thanks in part to the new CBA, which makes these guys FA after just 4 years. " Value " used to represent most talented, regardless of development timeline and it made sense. Teams had at least 5years to develop players before making a decision wether to pay them or not. That's not the case anymore.

    That, along with the new rookie salary scale, are partly why over the past 2 drafts we've seen more teams " reaching " for players they feel will fit their system and contribute the earliest. Of course, the talent available in the draft itself still has an influence on who the teams select, particularly when it comes to positions, but we ( fans, draftnicks, media ) need to start getting rid of the old notions when it comes to the draft because it's a different league then it was before.
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    What happpens if anyone gets hurt? Ratliff is no more injury prone than anyone else. We were decimated last year and still finished 8-8. And FA isn't over either. DT/DEs are going pretty cheap.
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    That "skit" or whatever you want to call it was stupid and a waste of time. When they got into coffee I was past bored. Is that supposed to be comedy?
  14. 5Stars

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    And there is not a damn thing you or Risen can do about it so why are you yo-yo's always cluttering up the board with the same crap day after day after day!?

    That crap is getting really old around here!

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    The thing is he is right and makes educated valid points unlike alot of posters on here
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    I understand that the GM isn't going to change,but you totally lost me when you said it shouldn't.
  17. 5Stars

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    Where did he say that?

    Reading is fundamental!

  18. Mr Cowboy

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    Kiper was very fair with his assessment. This team needed to come out of this draft with a minimum of 2 starters at a position of need. No matter how much you want to spin it, Escobar, Williams, Wilcox, or Webb will not be walk in starters. This team is not good enough to be selecting back up players or developmental players.

    You can what if Witten, Austin, Church, Scandrick, get hurt all you want, but its more likely that Ratliffe and Hatcher gets hurt, then what? What if Smith gets hurt, or one of the guards?

    I don't have a problem with the Center pick, but last year Jerry convinced us that with better guard play the center would be better. This year he's telling us that with better Center play the OL will be better.

    But bottom line, they should of selected the best safety in the second round, best OL/DT available in the 3rd and 4th round. Not players who will sit and learn from established veterans.
  19. 5Stars

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    I agree...who wants to learn from an established veteran? Those rooks should just keep the bad habits that they came with.


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    My thought exactly! JG looked totally out of place in the War Room, puppet. I've always thought that once Jerry is out of there things would get better with Stephen. Well after this Draft and I now believe he is as bad as Jerry, maybe worse.

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