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    juniors declare mario top-5 vernnon top -10 santonio mid first maroney late first pollard late firs 2n ray

    CB/returner Devin Hester, Miami kindo of a surprise. know nas las lethal returnman and really a non-factor much of the season 1 INT 11 tackels (punt 14.2, KO 18.5) ... he averages. He has not yet been able to carve a nitch as to what position he will play, He didnt put it all together in college so he will have to do it at NFL.

    RB Laurence Maroney, Minnesota (5-11, 207) Been productive the last two years. only thing that bothers me is yards per carry has gone from spectacular to good (6.9 as a freshman to 5.2 as a junior). figures to be in the late first round

    TE Vernon Davis, Maryland (6-3, 250) doubt you will find - ever - with more physical gifts. how many. Spectacular pass-catching tight end. He should project in the top 10 of the first round.

    WR Santonio Holmes, Ohio State (5-10, 180) Best junior WR and with senior class mediocre (Derek Hagan and Moss Miami) he could be the first receiver to come off the board. Averaged almost 18 yards a catch. middle of the first round

    DE Mario Williams, NC State (6-6, 285) 20 TFL, 13 sacks Does at times fade from the action that is the only knock on him. But with the way he finished, 10.5 sacks in 3 games (vs USM and Maryland). He has physical gifts but does need to be more consistent. has a chance to be elite DE in the NFL. Based on that he should be a top-5 pick.

    WR Greg Lee, Pittsburgh 6-1.5, 200 2004 showcased plenty of talent, looked like he could develop into a great receiver as a sophomore. receptions went down 68 to 49 but did show big-play ability when he had his hand on the ball (19.6 yards per catch) .. does drop very catachable balls. based on talent and 20 YPC wouldnt surprise me if he was a 2nd- or 3rd-round pick.

    S Bernard Pollard, Purdue (6-2, 228) Linebacker size with great run-support skills.

    DE Ray Edwards, Purdue (6-5, 273) this was a D that was supposed to be one of the best in college FB and was anything but. could end up being a 2nd-round draft choice.

    Notable bowl game performances TE Owen Daniels, Wisconsin 3 receptions,46 yards, 1 TD in win over Auburn

    CB Marcus Hudson, NC State, CB (6-2, 203)

    QB Marques Hagans, Virginia (5-9 1/2, 220) 25-32-358 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT in win over Minnesota

    I'm pretty surprised at some of the typos, but it's something.

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