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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. SDogo

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    Cam Newton going 3rd to Buffalo

    J.J. Watt going 6th to Cleveland

    Patrick Peterson going 7th to 49ers

    9) Dallas Cowboys
    Record: 6-10

    Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

    As with Peterson to San Fran, Cowboys fans might believe the team would be better suited addressing offensive tackle or even safety. But because the mock draft can't account for draft board trades, if the draft played out this way with the picks ahead of them, the Cowboys could do a lot worse than to grab the best pure technician at the corner position. Amukamara should transition quickly, and Terence Newman isn't getting any younger.

    Blaine Gabbert 10th to Washington

    Robert Quinn 12th to Minnesota

    Tyron Smith 18th to San Deigo

    Nate Solder 19th to Giants

    Anthony Castonzo 22nd to Colts

    Gabe Carimi 23rd to Eagles
  2. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    crap, wrong forum. Please move
  3. dadymat

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    i dont think Gabbert makes it to 10....Buffalo, cards, SF and Tenn all need QB and he should be the first to go....either way I hope he doesnt end up in Wash
  4. fortdick

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    I just don't think CB is a need that has to be addressed in the first round this year. OT, FS, OG/C, DE, ILB are all more pressing.
  5. AsthmaField

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    Hey Dogo... where does Kiper have Fairley going in his mock?
  6. SacredStar

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    I bet Fairley goes #1 or #2
  7. unionjack8

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    god if we go amukamara i will die. OVERRATED. He and Peterson both imo.
  8. cowboyjoe

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    isnt it the pits, when you post something in the wrong forum sdogo
  9. natesboys051

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    Mel Kiper's mocks are always the BPA in the draft (in his opinion) and not necessary the BPA for the team that's drafting. I suspect Jerrah will be able to sign a free agent CB in the same salary range as T. Newman (who may be released if this happens since he won't sign for less money probably). If that happens, Jerrah would be a FOOL not to address the OT, OG, and NT positions in the early rounds with THIS draft class. We could compete for the SuperBowl with a free agent CB and by drafting 3 BIGs as mentioned above. Add a couple of bigger RB's in the 235 - 260 lbs range and we'd help our DEFENSE by our OFFENSE being on the field longer because we'd be able to sustain drives when a good RUNNING game to go with our excellent passing game.
  10. johnnyd

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    i will give you those 2 spots to use#9 on but no way do you fill the others in the first round . the value is not there, Rememeber kiper stated no trades based on us picking 9 and who he is predicting will go before us it's either CB,DE,OLB or OT. Personally I dont care if we dont "need" a CB or OLB you draft the BPA let them compete worst thing that happens is we are loaded at CB or OLB 2 freaking great problems to have .
  11. SDogo

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    #1 to Carolina
  12. AsthmaField

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    I figured.

    Thanks man.
  13. Hostile

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    A trade up from 9 to 7 wouldn't cost too much. I hope Buffalo does go QB. I think they should.
  14. pupulehaole

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    i would be furious if we took Amukamara over Robert Quinn. but thats just my opinion
  15. JustDezIt

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    the same thing i thought when i fist saw this mock. this would be the ideal way for the draft to fall to jump up a few spots and snag him. like we had discussed, this is just about the are we could jump without breaking the bank.
  16. The Realist

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    I'm not a big Prince fan but admit I could be off on him. Good cover CB but not a ballhawk. Getting in a different system could change that cuz Garrett had guys with ovenmits for hands picking everything. Could solve another issue if you move Newman to FS. I personally can't see that.

    I think Jerry would just go with an overloaded CB position and draft a FS. We could also go with Sensy at FS and draft a SS or use one of the young guys at SS.

    The year we drafted Jenkins and Scantron we had those 2 plus Newman, Henry, Pactard.

    Dogo.....where did Dareus and Cam Jordan go?

  17. junk

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    Dareus - 8 - Tennessee
    Jordan - 17 - NE
    Tyron Smith - 18
    Solder - 19
    Castanzo - 22
    Carimi - 23
  18. dmq

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    If Peterson is within 2 picks of us, I think we should move up.
  19. The Realist

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    What about Sherrod, Wiz and Pouncey?
  20. Sam I Am

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    IMO, the problem with that is; if Peterson is there who is going to want to trade down rather than grab him?

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