Kiper's take on Senior Bowl Practices

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    Friday, January 28, 2005

    By Mel Kiper Jr.
    Special to ESPN Insider
    MOBILE, Ala. – It's been a busy week at the Senior Bowl. Here are a few lists
    (in alphabetical order) and some observations heading into Saturday's game.

    Top Players This Week

    Reggie Brown, Georgia, WR: Brown, plagued by inconsistency this season, was very consistent this week. With his speed and size and blocking skills, he has really helped himself.

    Dustin Colquitt, Tennessee, P: Colquitt has simply been booming them. He had a poor performance on Monday but has been hitting rockets ever since. It's a wonder it hasn't rained in Mobile because of his punts. He looks like he will be a big-time punter in the NFL with that leg strength. I think he will be a second-round draft choice.

    Mark Clayton, Oklahoma, WR: He was one of the best of the WR group this week.

    Logan Mankins, Fresno State, OL: He can play guard in the NFL. Mankins is a real aggressive kid with great feet and sustains his blocks. Pat Hill was raving about him. He could be an emergency left tackle. I think he may have moved into the second-round area.

    Mike Nugent, Ohio State, K: He has a great leg and excellent range. His kicks were going to the goaline, at least, and sometimes three yards deep. Nugent has a chance to be a second-round pick.

    Matt Roth, Iowa, DL: He was one of the best defensive players on the field this week.

    Marcus Spears, LSU, DL: Spears is a great kid, hard worker, gifted athlete and determined. He made himself a guaranteed first-round pick after his performance here in Mobile.

    Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue, WR: Stubblefield had a great week. He's really quick and a natural pass catcher.

    Demarcus Ware, Troy, DE/LB: Ware had a great week. He is fast, athletic, tough, a great kid. I think he will be a late first- or early second-round pick.

    Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, Auburn, RB" Williams was the big-timer here. He has great quickness, he attacks the hole and catches the ball adequately. He was in a class by himself here in Mobile.

    Players Who Need To Rebound With A Big Game

    David Baas, Michigan, OL: Baas needs to show more athleticism and do a better job getting to the second level.

    Ronald Bartell, Howard, DB: He needs work on his coverage technique.

    Nehemiah Broughton, The Citadel, RB: He has to show he can catch the ball and be more dimensional.

    Cole Farden, Oklahoma State, P: He just needs better distance and hangtime.

    Alex Holmes, USC, TE: Holmes needs to go from average to outstanding in terms of his blocking.

    Vincent Jackson, Northern Colorado, WR: He needs to explode more, be more precise in his routes, catch everything that comes his way and get some seperation.

    Lance Mitchell, Oklahoma, LB: I want to see how he breaks down in space and makes the tackle. He will miss a tackle every now and then.

    Dan Orlovsky, Connecticut, QB: He has to be more accurate, more precise, more consistent. You can't be a scatterarm in the NFL. He has to give WRs a chance to catch the ball.

    Craphonso Thorpe, FSU, WR: He needs to work on catching everything thrown his way.

    Corey Webster, LSU, DB: He has to be more aggressive and show more swagger. He has to get in the face of these WRs and play like he did his junior year. He has to do a better job anticipating.

    Just Looking Around

    QB: Akron's Charlie Frye has just been OK this week. Purdue's Kyle Orton was underthrowing deep balls but is very accurate and has good awareness. Auburn's Jason Campbell is mechanical, but he's big and has a strong arm. Georgia's David Greene would make some nice throws but then have trouble with velocity. He sets up strong in the pocket and has good mechanics. Greene won't wow anybody in a workout, but I think he could end up being a starting QB in the NFL.

    Players who helped themselves the most during Senior Bowl week

    Oklahoma's Mark Clayton
    Purdue's Taylor Stubblefield
    Iowa's Matt Roth
    Nebraska's Barrett Ruud
    Georgia's Reggie Brown
    UAB's Roddy White (until he got hurt)
    Fresno State's Logan Mankins
    Mississippi State's Ronald Fields
    LSU's Marcus Spears
    Troy's Demarcus Ware
    USC's Shaun Cody
    Louisville's Robert McCune
    FSU's Bryant McFadden
    Tennessee's Dustin Colquitt

    RB: Kansas State's Darren Sproles is a shade under 5-foot-6 and will have to be a versatile, jack-of-all-trades, third-down, change-of-pace skat-back type of player. He can catch the football and can help in the punt return game. He could be a third- or fourth-round pick. He is intriguing because of his versatility. Tennessee's Cedric Houston has had his moments, West Virginia's Kay-Jay Harris' big question is durability, and Cal's J.J. Arrington, Northwestern's Noah Herron and UCLA's Manuel White are all in a similar grouping.

    WR: UAB's Roddy White could have been a big-timer until he got hurt. UCLA's Craig Bragg had a decent week, but Northern Colorado's Vincent Jackson really struggled. He doesn't have great burst out of his break, doesn't sepreate well and his hands were just OK. He could have been a second rounder coming in, but he's now more of a fourth or fifth rounder.

    TE: Stanford's Alex Smith was the best here, but he didn't set the world on fire this week. I thought he was a late first-round or early-second pick, but I now see him as a late second or early third rounder.

    OL: Washington's Khalif Barnes has a lot of ability and has been regarded by some players as one of the toughest linemen to face this week.

    DL: Mississippi State's Ronald Fields showed a great work ethic, had a great intensity level and a nice pass rush. Iowa's Jonathan Babineaux did some good things from a quickness standpoint as did Cal's Lorenzo Alexander. Wisconsin's Antaaj Hawthorne is probably a late first- or early second-round pick because he can occupy double teams and handle blockers on the interior. He stays on his feet, he's strong and has decent quickness. He will never be a big-time pass rusher, though.

    LB: Nebraska's Barrett Ruud impressed people with how smart he is, how he diagnoses plays so quickly and fills those inside running lanes. He helped himself. Oklahoma's Lance Mitchell didn't have a great week. A little stiff in his movement, and he didn't have a great year. I think he is a second-day guy now. I like some of the things I've seen of Louisville's Robert McCune, South Carolina's Marcus Lawrence and LSU's Travis Daniels.

    DB: Florida State's Bryant McFadden is the toughest corner down here. I like Iowa's Sean Considine. I think he is a third- or fourth-round pick. Oklahoma State's Darrent Williams is a spunky corner. I think he could be a nickel or dime back because he has good return skills. Hawaii's Abraham Elimimian has decent ball skills – not great, but decent. He is very tough, a good tackler and blitzer. He flies around the field. Howard's Ronald Bartell struggled adapting to this level. He had to go up against veteran receivers like Oklahoma's Mark Clayton and Purdue's Taylor Stubblefield. But I have to give him credit, he hung in there and worked hard.
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