Knee Defender interrupts Flight

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hoofbite, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Hoofbite

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    I guess this little thing prevents the seat in front of you from reclining.



    Denver to NY flight was diverted to Chicago after an incident where some dude used these. They come with a nice explanation card to hand out.


    That thing is probably one of the most obnoxious things I could think of. Flying is such a hassle as it is, now you have scumbags preventing people from reclining their seats?

    I guess the lady dumped her cup of water on the guy.
  2. MonsterD

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    They should have both asked a flight attendant if they both could switch seats, people love drama so much.
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  3. Jammer

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    I've actually thought about getting that seat lock. I try to get an economy comfort seat and if I can't get that I'll get an exit row seat and sit behind the seats that don't recline. If I get upgraded to first class then there are no worries. I'm only 6' tall and my knees are usually pressed against the seat in front of me when I'm in normal coach. When the person reclines his seat (and the person in front of me ALWAYS reclines his seat) I'm miserable. I once had a drink on my tray table and the guy in front of me forcefully reclined his seat back knocking over my drink and spilling over on to me. A miserable flight became even more so.

    I wish airlines would just get rid of the recline. I think it causes more misery for the person behind the seat than the comfort the reclined seat provides.
  4. WoodysGirl

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    I honestly don't see what comfort there is in reclining the seat. I'm not anymore comfortable when I do it.
  5. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I want these....
  6. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I wish everyone felt this way.
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  7. 65fastback2plus2

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    i always want to recline, but i dont because i know it sucks when someone reclines on you
  8. Jammer

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    I am the same way. I don't recline because I know how bad it sucks for the guy behind me.
  9. dargonking999

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    Would i be evil if i used these on some random seat then watched as the two started going at it for no reason?

    Yea I think i'm pretty evil
  10. DallasEast

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    I wonder if United Airlines will take further legal action against the guy who used the device? Diverting a plane costs an airline $$$$.

    What happens when a passenger is ejected from a flight? Do they get an automatic refund for their ticket? Does the airline assist the ejected passenger in getting another flight on another airline? Or does the ejected passenger get stranded in a city which was not their intended destination, possibly without the means to pay for another flight to return home, etc.? That does not sound right.
  11. Joe Rod

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    I would lump this in with the overweight argument honestly. Don't make your problems the problem of the other passengers. If the person is too tall and feel that they cannot fit, then they need to bump to first class seat or buy the seat in front of them instead of inconveniencing other people who paid money for their seats.

    For the record, I'm a shade under 6'2" and fly about once per month, sometimes twice. I have never once had an issue with the seat in front of me reclining.
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  12. Phoenix

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    The guy who invented these did so here in DC. He used to write legislation, apparently, and traveled a great deal. The Washington paper has a story about him today wherein he says that he includes instructions to follow whatever directions a flight attendant says...if the FA says don't use the devices, then don't.
  13. paladin78749

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    Sorry that genetics didn't work out for them.
    An overweight person should required to buy an additional seat.
    Anothers height challengedness really isn't my problem.
    The 5 foot guy can't play for the NBA, that ain't my problem either.
    Sometimes a personal problem is exactly that, your PERSONAL problem
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  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    It is kind of sad that some people just don't use common courtesy anymore.

    Back in the day, If the person in front reclines too far back, the person in back could just politely ask them readjust a tad and that would usually work out ok for everyone do to some common courtesy.

    Now it is too much of what about me and I am sure the person in back would ask...or demand in a rude manner while the person in front could care less about someone else.

    Of course part of the issue now is the Airlines packing in more and having less service and care for the passengers compared to the old days.

    I remember flying years ago and your meal and snacks came WITH your airfare in ALL seating areas. The last time I traveled you got a meal if you were in first class and the snacks that went around for the other classes had to be paid for...with a credit card.

  15. Denim Chicken

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    The real problem is the airlines themselves. They design these planes so you receive the minimum space so they can fit in a few more rows and make more money. Many have to fly so they have no choice but to put up with it.
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  16. dexternjack

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    When ppl lean all the way back, it usually doesn't bother me. What irks me the most.......the kids who constantly play with the seats with banging back and forth. Usually, the parent/s never tell them to settle down.
  17. trickblue

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    I'm a frequent flyer and considerably taller than the height those seats are designed for. My knees are touching the seat in front of me on almost every type of plane...

    EVERY TIME the person in front of me leans back, I take a shot to the knees...

    It's worse if you are flying on an Airbus... those seats recline back so far that everyone on the row has to get up and into the aisle if the person sitting in the window seat needs to get up...

    Several years back, the airlines started adding more seats to every plane for more revenue, giving less leg room. It's almost impossible to work on a laptop now. I wish the seats didn't recline at all...
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  18. DallasCowpoke

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    I'll give you 100-1 odds that the major carriers FIRST bans these. THEN, about a month later starts offering them in small plastic bags for $25 a pair! :D
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  19. CanadianCowboysFan

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    It's our own fault, we let them do it to us. We allowed them to strip search us at airports, then charge us to check luggage, not feed us, charge us for priority boarding etc Some get around it by shoving pianos in the overhead bin but whatever they do, we accept.
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  20. BrAinPaiNt

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    What's this we got a mouse (or moose) in your pocket? :p

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