Knee is killing me

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Jon88, Jul 13, 2009.

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    I twisted my knee playing flag football in 2001. I had an MRI several months ago and the technicians said it was bursitis. Well, I know it's not because the moment I injured it it locked up and I had to force it back. Then a few years later it totally collapsed when I was getting up. The orthapedic surgeon I've gone to over the past year has given me cortizone shots in my shoulder and hip (had a very physically demanding job). He gave me some pills for inflamation and basically brushed me off. He's about the only doctor I can go to under my insurance plan. How do I convince him that surgery is needed so I don't get addicted to pain medication?
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    This seems like a weird topic on this particular part of the forum....but to answer the question I'm not sure how you go about that other than pretty much being adamant that you want the knee fully checked and everything so that they can see it needs surgery.
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    Fixed it. I don't know why it appeared in that forum. I am tired of this guy blowing me off. I definitely have a meniscus tear. The MRI lab didn't get it right.
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    yeah you'll just have to be forceful, I'd imagine, and continue to make the guy see you and check you out until he does the examine properly and finds out what is wrong.
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    You can take a crowbar to the knee and don't flinch.

    Sorry, i really don't have any real suggestion to your knee issue. Hope it works out for the best though.
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    Well, ok, i don't know if this will do you any good but i will share this story with you.

    My 3 year old niece slipped and fell down in their kitchen about 4 months ago. It didn't look bad but she cried and didn't walk right so they took her to the Doctors. They took did their exam and took x-rays of her hips and foot and told my brother to give her some children aspirin or something. Well, two days later she would still cry and still wasn't walking right so he took her back but they said there was nothing wrong with her. He took her to another doctor (I know this is not an option for your) but they did the same thing, took X-ray of her hip and said everything was fine.

    My brother finally insisted that they do a full x-ray, on her entire leg and it turned out that she had fractures on her left shin. She was in a cast for about 4 months or so.

    Sometimes you just have to insist enough for them to do something. It's your body after all and you know how you feel better than they do.
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    Just tell him that the pain meds aren't working, even if they are, and say that you'd like to have an MRI done again, just to be safe. You're not going to be able to convince a doctor that you need surgery, but he should give the ok for a second MRI, if you ask. I'd also tell him about your concerns about becoming dependent on the pain meds, at the very least he could cycle through different prescriptions.
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    I got a video of my knee when I tore my meniscus (right knee). I'll give you the link, idk if yours does the same but I sent this vid to my doc and he knew right away I had a meniscus tear. When I had mine it wouldn't lock up when I would run straight forward but when I made any kind of side to side movement it would slide and hurt badly. And also, when I bent my knee back to my butt too far it would "slide" into an opening and get stuck there and hurt like hell until I straightened it and flexed it then it would go back to the right place.

    You could also tell that doctor to do the lachman knee test where he twists it and can feel the ACL move to see if that is torn or if it is still tight and good.

    The time counts down in the video so watch closely around the 3-4 second mark, you can see it pop or slide back into place.
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    Nice vid. This pain is killing me and I never asked for pain meds. He gave me a week supply of some inflammation inhibitor and it didn't work. I pay insurance plus a $20 copay to go see him. I am tired of him not taking me seriously. He says its the job, because I had other issues in my shoulder, but its not.
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    Call Tonya Harding.
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    Doctor's IMHO really suck. You basically need to do your own research and know just as much (and sometimes more) if you want to get anything done. A lot of them will just spew a bunch of BS so they can get paid and be done with you. Especially work comp. doctors.

    I've been dealing with an work injury to my neck (thought it was my shoulder at first) for 3 years now and all the doctors have been pretty useless in providing help. Finally saw my lawyer's doctor a few weeks ago and even he is being a pain. Not so much in my diagnosis, but his refusal do do any paperwork I need (FMLA) and provide a suggestion for treatment. I guess he gets paid by the lawyer so he's wanting to be careful about what he says and doesn't say, I don't know, it's pretty frustrating though.

    I know I'm basically at the point where it's do nothing, or have surgery, and I can definitely say that doing nothing is not an option for me right now.
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    We're in the same boat.

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    Hey Jon,

    I have considerable experience with this. Did the MRI lab shoot your knee with fluid or dye when they took the MRI? If not, then they probably never checked for a tear in the Meniscus. It does sound like a torn Meniscus. The best advice I can give you is to keep your knee muscles strong because they will have to provide the support to keep your joint strong.
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    It is certainly strange, and it appears your Doctor is derelict in NOT offering you every possible option for relief.

    As far as I know, in my own experiences and from what I've heard from others, surgery is almost always one of three or four options put on the table for a condition like your.

    I had a bum right knee the progressively got worse and worse over the period of about a decade. It got to the point that I even had a little limp going on from time to time. Surgery was one of several options IMMEDIATELY after the initial diagnosis. I decided to go for it right away, and from the moment I left the hospital (it was even an out-patient procedure), it's been as good as new. That was over a decade ago. Same with my lower back. Like a lot of people, I got one of those things where my back used to "go out" a few times a year. No matter what I did, I'd be on my *** for three or four days. Surgery, again, was made available but not recommended. I soldered on over the years with the stretching and other remedies, and it's gotten a lot better.

    I broke (not fractured, not dislocated, but BROKE) my left shoulder a year ago playing baseball. Again, surgery was one of the options, but I deferred and it healed pretty good using another remedy.

    This "Doctor" of yours must have SOMEONE that he answers to, especially if he works in a clinic, hospital, or HMO controlled entity. Even if he has his own private practice, he's still accountable to the AMA and the Federal, State or local government oversight bodies. I'd go over his head (if you are indeed stuck with this guy and this guy only because of your insurance) at the very least. I'd be more concerned about my bum knee than I would about his reaction or anger due to my "turning him in" or going over his head.

    He took some kind of oath at some point to do everything in his arsenal to provide health and relief to his patience, and it appears that he's either too lazy, not interested, or just going through the "doctor" motions to get his dough and go golfing...................
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    Depending on your insurance, perhaps you can simply get around your Doctor by waiting until an evening/weekend and going straight to the ER. Just complain that you've had a sudden increase in your pain levels and get them to rediagnose you from scratch. Most insurances should cover the visit and MRI under that scenario. I would certainly call your insurance first to discuss anything prior to taking action, though.
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    Dude, be a man and just saw it off. :cool:
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    Either her or Albert Hanesworth. A few stitches in your face should make you forget all about your knee pain :D

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