Knox guilty of Kercher murder

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    Well, I did always have a thing for Velma from Scooby Doo...
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    It's just a classic whodunit case. Add to it the hodge-podge efforts of the Italian police, the courts, the convictions, releases, and appeals and you've got yourself a very perplexing albeit intriguing case.

    I just caught up through various news outlets (and Wikipedia...couldn't help it) and I'm still unclear as to what happened. Neither Knox's nor her bf's DNA was found at the scene HOWEVER with the way the crime scene techs handled the evidence who knows what they found. What is also interesting is that Guede (the convicted killer) is up for parole this year.

    Are they now saying that the three individuals were all at the murder scene with Kercher?
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    This case really shines an embarassing light on the Italian justice system. No idea who did what, but it sure doesn't make me want to trust their verdicts.
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    She was found guilty the first time.
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    There are many better pictures of her out there. She is a cute girl.

    I never followed the story before this later news. Some quick research and my conclusion is we will never know what happened.
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    From what I have read the supposed murder weapon was retested and the DNA found on it did not match the victim. That alone makes the case look very shaky.
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    totally yet i think that the prosecutors in italy have opted to ignore that because they seem so desperate to convict this knox girl.
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    I just finished reading up on this. By my understanding, the police found no evidence of Amanda Knox anywhere at the crime scene. Other than a shaky confession, which occurred after hours of police interrogation in which she was denied a lawyer and was forced to use a police-appointed interpreter, I don't see what case they have against her.
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    They don't have one but are doing their best to pin it on someone and she is the target IMO. Personally, I don't think she killed anyone but she isn't completely innocent either. She knows idea what it could be though.
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    So the conviction was overturned on appeal?
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    That is how I understand it, but that is only after a little research. I've not really gotten into the case.
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    The first conviction was overturned due to lack of evidence. It's been suggested anti-Americanism was the biggest factor in the conviction.
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    Saw an interview she did a while back and she came off as not very likable to me.
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    I don't know if they will extradite her but I did read where the US is the country that does it the most for fear that other countries will not do it in return.
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    Based on what I have read and heard on the news:
    1) Many criminals in US jails based on less evidence than presented in her case.
    2) Her DNA was on a knife (suspected multiple knifes used) used to kill victim located in boyfriend's kitchen. Defense (no surprise there, they always do) questions sample purity and amount.
    3) Knox doesn't remember what happened that night due to smoking hashish with boyfriend, but remembers/knows she and her boyfriend didn't do anything. How convenient.
    4) Someone cleaned up the crime scene and staged a burglary and it definitely wasn't Guede (sp?) (the guy in jail for killing her) who split that night. I'll give you two guesses who it was.
    5) Knox lied and tried to pin the blame on her boss at a bar in Italy where she worked. Very desperate act and technique used by the very guilty and soulless.
    6) Boss in Italy said she has two sides, a very angelic side and a very demonic side.
    7) Boyfriend's DNA on bra clasp found in room.
    8) Knox confessed (I think) but later said she was under pressure after many hours interrogation and was sleepy or something. Poor girl.
    9) IIRC, Knox was acting like a complete, stoned-out idiot outside her apt while police were investigating. Was she doing cartwheels or something like that? I can't remember. Laughing and smiling and joking or something.
    10) Someone held the victim down while she was being stabbed.
    11) Double jeopardy is not an issue. She was convicted, released after victorious appeal, and then re-convicted. US will most likely send her back if Italy requests. It will be up to Sec of State Kerry, unless a federal judge intervenes (which many seem unlikely). I'm guessing Knox bolts from the US very soon if she can to some country with no extradition treaty with Italy.
    12) To the best of my knowledge, Knox has never submitted to a lie detector as to what happened and what she knows. My guess is that both her and her boyfriend would fail horribly. I know they aren't admissible in courts but they are really good for getting to the truth.
    13) My gut tells me that if she really were innocent she would have went back and testified at the latest trial. If you are going down, you might as well go down swinging.
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    She really didn't even confess to anything that she did. After days of questioning they forced her to implicate her african boss who they assumed was the killer because she had sent him a text that they misinterpreted as a meet up later that night. They actually told her to imagine it, she then recanted. None of it was recorded even though by law they are suppose to.

    I've read up on it before and I can not only say she and the bf are not guilty they are completely innocent. Rudy Guede broke into the home (he has a record for break ins and carried a knife that was never found) and was surprised when the other girl came home early. He then raped and murdered her (or the other way around possibly) His dna is all over the room and inside the victim, Knox and bf nothing-- but they had some magic way of cleaning their dna from the room.

    The only thing she knows is that Rudy Guede killed Meredith. His dna proves it. And Rudy Guede was friends of boys that lived in the lower part of the house. That's only way Knox even knew of him. The bf never met him.
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    That may very well be true, but there is no way of knowing that 100%. It is difficult to get enough information and facts about cases that occur in the U.S.. Getting that type of accurate info about something in Italy is much more challenging.
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    no way in hell anyone would be stupid enough to do that.
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    After the trial was over, even the judge at the trial said he thought the defendant (boyfriend) should have testified and may have been able to sway the jury. She may have been able to show a face to the jury and convince them. Her absence spoke volumes to the jury. And now her fate rests with either the Italian Supreme Court overturning the case or the US denying her extradition. Both of which seem unlikely at this point, especially the extradition.

    By the way, from what I've seen of defendants, those who are afraid to testify are usually guilty and trying to hide behind their lawyers.

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