Kyle Fuller (Bears)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by hcl4956, Mar 17, 2017.

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    He's on the outs with the Bears especially after they signed Amukamara and Cooper. I think a 4th or 5th might get him. Then draft someone in the 1st or 2nd

    I'm not in panick mode at all with the losses in the secondary. they were all grossly overpaid
    Healthy Scandrick is better than Carr or Claiborne on their best days, Brown is a comer and Carroll will be comparable to Carr.
  2. Killerinstinct

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    Marinelli the Marine might be able to get his mind right.
  3. sadams

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    yes please. Love them Fuller boys. They were born to play DB.
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    Why is this in the Draftzone?
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    Yet none of them are good
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    That kid was very good a couple of years ago. What happened to him?
  7. DCBoysfan

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    He was once drafted. :huh:
  8. dwreck27

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    Lol yup every time they bring them up I think/say that
  9. sadams

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