Lack of Creativity on Offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DTK, Nov 19, 2012.

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    If it wasn't for the Sunday Ticket, I'd never see a reverse, fake reverse, double reverse, flea flicker, naked bootlegs, etc. Where's the creativity of this offense? I read where we ran play action on only 2 plays yesterday even. Considering how poorous the run game was yesterday, I somewhat understand that, but still...

    Ray Lewis said it a few years ago and it's still the same. This offense is very vanilla. Opposing teams have very little scouting to do. Is this a coaching problem? Or the fact that we have too many stupid players to be able to run such plays?

    Anyhow ... BEAT THE SKINS!!
  2. jday

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    Actually, the problem all centers on the offensive line and Jason Garrett. Every game it seems to take a full 1st half for Garrett to figure out that slow developing plays and runs, as a general rule, do not work behind this offensive line.
  3. marchetta

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    It's kinda hard to be creative when your QB is running for his life. The problem isn't a lack of creativity. It's poor OL play, coupled with JG refusal to attack a defense's weakness. Hey Jason, when a team is playing their 2nd/3rd team CB, you go into the game targeting him! You don't wait until the 3rd quarter to figure that out!
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    Running the ball on every 1st down for a loss is pretty creative. I don't see any other team doing it? :D
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    You witnessed an uber inpressive onside kick!! C'mon now
  6. Wolfpack

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    That would require changing your coaching style to suite your players, their abilities and what your opponent might expect.

    Thats not how Red coaches. He wants to be Vince Lombardi and run his play down your neck. That is a great idea but takes serious dedicated commitment to excellence (notice pun) that is hard when your GM / owner makes sure that he sets the tone. I wish he would have success doing it his way but he is choosing the difficult path.
  7. jimnabby

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    You know, posting this over and over doesn't make it any more true.

    We ran on 14 of 39 1st downs against the Browns. Not one of them went for a loss.
    We ran on 10 of 21 1st downs against the Eagles. Not one of them went for a loss.
    We ran on 10 of 25 1st downs against the Falcons. One of them went for a loss.
  8. CowboyRoy

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    I agree, but you have to understand that with probably the worst Oline in football, you really cant do much. You need alot of time to do a reverse or deep throws, or roll outs, ect....ect...

    Garrett is keeping it simple because he has to. Only asking the line to block for 3 seconds or less. Garrett is doing whatever he can to limit negative plays that kill drives. So that part is good. But why he doesnt use the hurry up earlier in the game is a mystery to me and to many including Romo.

    It may be too late now as with Smith out and down to our beardeau at center and Dockery at guard, this may very well be the worst Oline of all time. Its that bad. Its a wonder that Romo does what he does.
  9. pancakeman

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    Ouch! :clubbed:
  10. KJJ

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    The OL is a problem it's an awful run blocking unit but Garrett starts every game conservatively with an emphasis on the run even if it's not there. We're seeing a lot of dinking and dunking to the backs and Witten. There's been games where the Cowboys have gone almost the entire first quarter without a pass to a WR. It was said on the broadcast yesterday that Garrett commented that he would run the ball every play if he could. The Cowboys show no urgency to move the ball down the field and score points until they get behind. In the second half yesterday we started seeing a more fast paced offense with Romo going down the field. Once the Cowboys were in deep trouble Garrett finally decided to open things up.

    The Cowboys need to start being more aggressive at the start of games and try putting some TD's on the board instead of waiting for the opponent to strike first and gain confidence. This is one of the lowest scoring Cowboy teams I can remember they've only scored 30 points or more once this season and it took 21 points by the defense and special teams to achieve that. If the Cowboys continue this lack of aggression offensively early in games they're going be playing from behind the rest of the season. The defense sure isn't good enough to win games.
  11. Vanilla2

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    Why would he let facts get in the way of his agenda.
  12. Rynie

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    this was a complaint of mine also, but i'm pretty sure we actually threw on 1st downs 3/4 of the time yesterday. i was also a little drunk...haha
  13. tecolote

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    This is so frustrating. You have an anemic offense in yesterday's first half and Garrett does nothing to change things up, nothing. Even on the first drive of the second half they took 6 minutes to get a FG. This after Cleveland had already taken 5 minutes in their first drive.
  14. KJJ

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    Garrett plays not to lose it's almost as if the plan is to set up for FG's all day. The Cowboys have scored fewer than 20 points in half their games this season. Garrett has so much trust in Bailey and fears his offense screwing things up with penalties and turnovers I'm surprised he didn't leave him with a 50+ yard attempt in OT. Garrett actually showed enough nerve to allow his offense to run a few plays to give Bailey a manageable attempt.
  15. jimmy40

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    hard to be creative with a bad Oline and receivers that can't run and think at the same time.
  16. Dday22t

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    We don't have HB screen in our playbook anymore do we?
  17. rwalters31

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    Bulls eye! on target! right on! You get it! . . . . . . Yep!

    This is the one point that I got at the beginning of the season and really showed against Cleveland. It almost got his QB killed. It wasn't until he chanced his tactic to short passes that Romo became effective. The receivers started coming back to Romo when he needed help. This saved the game for the Cowboys.
  18. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Are people really criticizing Garrett because he tries to run the ball?
  19. Garland powerplay

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    The Cowboys offense plays better in 2)00 min offense or playing from behind. If they design their offense like New England like they're hair is on fire in first half. They could go conservative in 2nd half after scoring 30.
  20. rwalters31

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    Not at all, he just chooses to run at the wrong time. If you notice the runs do not work. Against a team like Cleveland with a very good DL you need to be a little more creative. This was the time for short passes to set up the run and mid range passing game. The long pass should have been put on the shelve until the second half when it would have been more effective. Until the Cowboys get a real OL the run game as a first strike will not be effective.

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