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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Dunleavy? Are you high? That dude is God Awful. As for Sloan I heard he wasn't interested in the first place. Personally I can live with the D'Antoni hire because of what he did with Nash during his tenure in Phoenix. What pisses me off is that reports show that Phil Jackson wanted PART OWNERSHIP of the Lakers, I'm sorry but Jim, Jerry, and Mitch pulled the right card here. You don't sell the farm for a guy to come back in a limited HC role for 2 years. If anyone actually was given part ownership for what he's done with this club, it's Jerry West. And I wanted Phil Jackson back as much as the next person, but somethings gotta give. I'm just frustrated that we burned our bridges with Brian Shaw as well.
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    D'Antoni will fit good for the offense but his defensive philosophy isn't all that great. His offense is going to rely on an older Kobe and 38 yr old Nash to score and score a lot.

    Remember, D'Antoni had a young Steve Nash who won two MVP's back in Phoenix, that made him look better than he was.

    I can understand passing on Phil, sounds like he had quite a few demands and some of them would have not been good for the team. For example, no road games, limited practice time, etc. That is a lot of money to pay someone to be a part-time coach.
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    Lakers will struggle this year. Not a fan of sloan and i live I n utah lol so better off without him. Thought for sure they were getting jackson back for sure.
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    Sloan kept the Jazz viable for years. He is a good coach.
  5. Manwiththeplan

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    yea, not a Laker fan or hater, but this was a good move. Not to mention Nash would be wasted in a triangle.
  6. BraveHeartFan

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    Offense will be really good.

    Defense will keep them from making the championship.

    It's not a bad hire but he is notorious for just not caring about defense and they're not going to win if they don't play really solid D.

    Which is fine by me. I don't want the Lakers winning anything.

  7. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Mike is trying to bring in Nate McMillan as defensive cordinator. If that happens I'll feel much better about this hire. Nate did a great job in Portland with the Blazers.
  8. crazytown41

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    Stupid Laker management caved into the public pressure. At least give Brown half a season.

    To dump him for Dantoni after 5 games without having Nash is completely stupid.
  9. Yeagermeister

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    More like caved into Kobe pressure
  10. MC KAos

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    Errr, that's a misnomer. Nate's teams averaged 19th best in terms of defensive efficiency in his head coaching career, dantoni's are something like 18th.
  11. juck

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    Heat for the repeat.
  12. juck

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    Cowboys=Lakers All hype
  13. CowboyGil

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    Always nice to see things in disarray in LakerLand. Why dont they just make Jack coach?:cool:
  14. juck

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    lol Yea not THAT is a good fit.Drama coaching drama:laugh2:
  15. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Huge game today. It's a potential West Finals preview between San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers. Anytime the Lakers/Spurs play it's exciting whether it's early in the season or late. These two teams have been the class of the Western Conference and really the league for a very long time. Since 1999 the Spurs and Lakers have combined for 9 championships and 11 Finals appearances. Just absurd how successful both teams have been. Only three times in that time span of 14 years did neither of those two teams play in the Finals. That was the last two Finals and 2006. The teams met in the playoffs six times during that time span. 1999, 2001-2004, and 2008. The Lakers won four series and the Spurs won two.

    The two constants in this great rivalry have been Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. I don't think there is any doubt that they are the two best players of the post Michael Jordan era along with the now retired Shaquille O'Neal. You're talking about two players who have been so great and consistent throughout their terrific careers. Between them they have 9 championships, 5 Finals MVP awards, 3 regular season MVP awards, 27 All Star appearances, 26 All NBA Selections, and 25 All Defensive Team Selections. Alot of people take for granted of both these guys greatness and what they've done for not only their respective franchises, but also the NBA. I believe that both will retire at the same time and it would only be right. I would expect that both retire at the end of the 2013-2014 season which is obviously the end of next season.

    As for the actual game you have two very good teams obviously, but the Lakers have gotten off to a very slow start at just 3-4. They're 2-0 since firing the head coach Mike Brown and now have hired a new coach in Mike D'Antoni who coincidentally has seen and been beaten by the Spurs alot over the years. Steve Nash is still out for the Lakers and his backup Steve Blake also was recently injured and is out for tonight's contest. The Lakers are gonna start second year second rounder Darius Morris. He's a guy who has played well in limited minutes, but tonight he gets the start and will face off against one of the best guards in the game in Tony Parker. He'll likely get torched. The Lakers aren't a very deep team to begin with, but especially when you take out two critical players of the rotation. Because of that I would expect San Antonio to win this game, but with Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant you would expect it to be close.

    There's also a huge family rivalry between the Lakers and Spurs. They gave me so much crap when the Lakers lost to Oklahoma City and Dallas the last two playoffs and I happily returned the favor when the Spurs lost to Memphis and Oklahoma City. We both looked silly since neither of our teams won anything. If the Lakers somehow win tonight I won't talk much because I realize that while it's a big game it's only November. This game won't mean much in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure both teams will look much different and better later in the season. I'm not kidding when I say I'm the only Lakers fan in the family. It's all in good fun though.
  16. MC KAos

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    i wonder if the flu that was going around the spurs is still a factor, parker missed a game because of it. hopefully every is healthy and we get a good game tonight
  17. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Great game, but horrible execution down the stretch. Kobe went under neath the screen on Danny Green and he got a wide open shot which he made. That's the cardinal sin on defense. Going underneath the screen and leaving a deadly shooter wide open and he knocked down the game winner. Then on the final possession of the game the Spurs guarded Kobe very well, but he has to come to Pau. He didn't and Pau had to shoot a three pointer. This is where Nash will really help. He knows how to get guys the ball down the stretch of ball games which is gonna be critical in the playoffs.

    Overall can't fault the effort. The team played very hard and very good defense. They held one of the most explosive offenses in basketball to just 84 points. Offensively we just couldn't shoot from the outside. We only made 6 out of 20 shot attempts from distance. That's where not having Blake and Nash hurt. They're probably our two best floor spacers. The long was very clogged for Howard and also Pau has to give us more. Just 10 points tonight. That's pathetic for a guy as skilled as him. He's being paid nearly 20 million a year and he's gotta produce.
  18. RoyTheHammer

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    Thanks, Marv..

    Pau isn't going to drop 30 every game. He put up a double double with 5 assists and a couple blocks to go along.

    Jodie Meeks.. championship. :p:

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Perhaps, but the Lakers are also not going to have to play with no PG either. These teams will see each other in the Playoffs. Will be interesting to see them both again.

    Good effort by both teams.
  20. RoyTheHammer

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    You never know.. as shallow as their depth is, you better pray Nash stays healthy. It could certainly happen that Nash and Blake are somehow hurt for the playoffs. I don't know if you look the trade route at that point or just go ahead and bring in The Answer. haha.

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