lance alworth -- super bowl vs. vikings?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cowboy Bill Watts, Jan 25, 2006.

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    8. "Bambi" — Lance Alworth

    It wasn't the most masculine football nickname, but when you're 180 pounds and can run like a deer, they're not going to dub you "Moose." Bambi scored the Cowboys' first touchdown in the team's 24-3 romp over the Vikings in Super Bowl VI. After capping his storied career with a Super Bowl touchdown, Alworth became the first AFL player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    the above from -- an article on best super bowl nicknames...

    cowboys' victory over the vikings? don't they proof this stuff?:confused:
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    The Vikings? Hmmmmmm....

    Alworth was a GREAT the time he reached Dallas, he wasn't anywhere near as good as he was with the Chargers. The guy could jump like no one I have ever seen.

    Great hands too...also tough as nails.

    A definite favorite of mine.

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    not against Vikings... it was against Miami... yeah really what are they smoking?
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    I was wondering when the Vikings were in the AFC :laugh2:
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    CNN Sports Illustrated- once again "ILLUSTRATING" that they are eat up with the dumb @#@
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    The DVD from NFL Films of the Cowboys Super Bowl wins has an error on the back jacket.

    They have us winning Super Bowl XI instead of VI.

    NFL Films for crying out loud.

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