Lance Armstrong - Does Anybody Even Care Anymore?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jan 14, 2013.

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    ND and Swarbrick covered up for Lance Armstrong too? That university has no shame.
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    He still hasnt apologised to Paul Kimmage.

    Kimmage was the ex-cyclist turned journalist who first exposed doping in cycling to a larger audience. All the outings in cycling over the past 20 years can be linked to Kimmage's campaigning against doping. The french can him 'the guy who spit in the soup'. Armstrong has made personal attacks on Kimmage and has been trying to sue him.
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    um....lemme check.....NOPE!

    it was great that him dominating the sport irked the French so badly for about a decade. I liked that part. Even though he cheated, he stole their joy and they can't get that for that, I'm still appreciative of Lance.

    My biggest disappointment though is that he ruined one of the all-time great cameo appearances in the movie "Dodgeball" :laugh1:
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    I think that is being questioned now. He may have indeed failed some tests, but bribed or coerced his way out of the results being submitted. Who knows to what extent his cheating entailed. We may still never find out.
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    I have no issues with anyone cheating to gain an edge in their sport.

    They are trying to win and virtually every sport has been dominated by cheaters.

    I would certainly take HGH right now if I had the monetary means to secure the proper doctor, proper true HGH and proper regular testing needed to insure it wasn't damaging me. ((Anyone ordering crap off the internet and injecting it is flat crazy))

    Lance's issue with me was in his self-righteous crusade against anyone who ever suggested he doped.

    I mean this dude had the lunacy to go to court and sue people for saying he did what dozens if not hundreds of people had evidence he actually did.

    I can abide cheaters... hateful liars is altogether a different story.

    Livestrong don't Liestrong.
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    Just to make a point:

    Lance didn't just dope, he ran an extensive doping campaign and forced others to become a part of it, i.e. he propped up the doping industry. It's also said that during races, he also intimidated those that tried going against him by winning, making them 'fall back in line.'

    Not everybody doped either.

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    I don't think it's the 7 year statute.

    I think they had something on him. He prob made a deal.


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