Lance Armstrong stripped of all Tour De France titles & banned...

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by MonsterD, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Only in your imagination, only in your imagination... Paper trails, payments, testimony from countless cyclists that raced with him, to Lance Armstrong stepping down and not fighting the case, right before they send the evidence for mass publication...

    I just love how you tell us no one presented indispuatble evidence of his guilt in one post and then in the very next post tell us the whole sport is dirty... Talk about flat-out contradiction and homerism, and pretty much worship of a guy that ironically doesn't give a jack about you...

    But yeah, I just love how when he originally said he was not going to fight the case anymore, he used the excsue that he was going to focus on his charity. Now, he's stepping down from the charity.
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    Arrogant and a cheater, not just in cycling but with his wife...

    He's a bloody cheat... The "Oh, everybody does it" doesn't cut it, just like it didn't cut it for Clemens and other cheats. If 1000 criminals don't get caught, it doesn't mean the one criminal that does get caught is any less of a cheat nor shouldn't be guilty..

    The man-worship of this guy is just absurd...
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    Sorry, but when your trying to clean up the sport, you take aim at the guy who won seven world tours. McQuaid has acknowledged, since he's come on board, that cycling has had a doping problem. That was in 2005, 7 years ago.

    They have been collecting a case against Lance and being very systematic about it for a long time.

    That is what you do, when you want to send a message, even when that winner made a lot for 'cancer' research.

    If Lance, the mighty 'god' of cycling is untouchable, the guy that brought the sport to the general public is touchable, than every other doper is touchable... Now on to tennis and the likes of Djokovic and his 'gluten-free' diet....
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    The evidence in the withhunt was pretty compelling and he did choose not to fight anymore. In the end though, I hate all the stoolies and rats who sold their souls to rat him out. They were nobodies without him and will only be remembered because of him.

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    Be honest with you Canadian, if I had to guess, I'd say he probably was because you can't win if you are at such a disadvantage with every European team out there. As I said before, you may have a guy that is just so genetically superior that he can do it without the aid of any banned substances but it does not reason that you can have an entire team that is that good. In order to win a TDF, you have to have a very good, very strong team so yeah, he probably was. The problem I have with this is that he was not the only one and he was never caught cheating. No test ever showed positive. Now, was he just better or was he using something that can't be tested for or did the organization doing the testing just elect not to test for those substances. Any of those can be a reason for never being caught but it all comes back to the same thing. The Sport never wanted to clean up their own mess. They still don't. All that will happen here is that they will measures to bring down one man and they will go on riding dirty just as they have for the last 40 or 50 years.

    It's not right. At the end of the day, they never caught him using, be it because they looked the other way or he was just better. They never caught him and it's their own rules that say you have to test positive.

    That's just how I see it. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I see. It's not right.
  6. rickjameschinaclub

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    That's the problem... Not everybody that ratted him out... Even people in US cycling, who were generally considered people of integrity ultimately came forth when questioned. The fact that they were nobodies without him is another myth of godhood created around Lance...
  7. casmith07

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    Lance's alleged PED use in the Tour de France has zero to do with people donating money for cancer research.
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    The Tour de France has been around since 1903. Like soccer, it's probably in the top 4 of the major sports everywhere but the US.

    I'm pretty sure "the whole sport" will survive.

    From what I've read and heard, they'd have to go like 10-12 deep to re-award a champion. Most, if not all of the top finishers in the races Armstrong won were found to be dirty, or admitted to such as well.
  9. rickjameschinaclub

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    So then why promote Lance Armstrong with the charity if it has nothing to do with it?

    For some people the ethical nature of the guy running a charity does have something to do with it. That's why he bounced from his charity as well. He use to show his face everywhere, now he's running away.

    Further, when your claim to fame and wealth and fortune, is by doping, it doesn't make you an ethical person, because you create a charity, especially when you keep perpetuating the lie.
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    I read the SI article about all this. It says in '95 he competed against the Europeans and got crushed because he was riding clean and everybody else was doping. That is when he decided to start doping.

    FWIW, a poll on ESPN asks the question if his 7 Tour de France titles are still legitimate. A large majority says yes, they are still legitimate. I agree.

    I may be in the minority here, but I have no problem with athletes use PEDs.
  11. Jammer

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    This is my point about all this. If Lance stayed clean he would be a nobody, and his charity would not have seen the light of day.

    How can you say he cheated when he just leveled the playing field? If everybody is doing it, how is it cheating?
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    He tested positive numerous times you just choose to ignore those tests.

    He also wasn't just a cheater but a leader of an organized scheme to cheat.
    He is accused of bribing officials and falsifying results for tests by using many different methods.

    The fact he passed tests by cheating isn't even in question. That is exactly what he is guilty of.

    He cheated, he lied, he covered it up, he attacked former teammates and former teammates wives in press and in person. (including Greg Lemond by the way).

    There are over a thousand pages of evidence including samples that have been re-tested and found dirty.

    Again, he wasn't just a cyclists cheating; he was a team leader and captain handing out these drugs and supplying them to other members of his team.

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    Show me where he tested positive. Show me one test result administered by the ruling body where he failed a test.

    Show me any results that have been retested and found to be positive for usage.
  14. casmith07

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    They aren't. He's stepped down from LiveStrong.

    Donations to LiveStrong have risen since all this news broke.
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    I don't get this.

    Did these people not donate to fund cancer research? Or did they donate simply to be a part of the club and sport a yellow bracelet?

    So long as the money is getting to where it's supposed to go and Lance isn't stuffing his vault like Scrooge McDuck with all those donations, why are people asking for donation money back?
  16. burmafrd

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    so they just go after him. Are your really that Naive?

    If they were 'serious' they would go after the whole top 10. They have not.

    But go on deluding yourself
  17. tomson75

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    Pretty much irrelevant. Survive? Sure, if that's what you want to call it.
  18. SultanOfSix

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    This. I have heard also that you'd have to go back to 15th or 16th finisher to find a clean racer.

    The sport seems dirty to me, and one man is taking the fall because he's an American, maybe his attitude, or he simply was just better than others with the same advantage. Why do it after seven titles? Why not two or three?

    It seems like this is more of a witch hunt and a making of an example of the who was apparently greatest racer the sport has ever seen (would they do it if he was French?), but I highly doubt it will clean up the dirty sport. The race runners are basically severely castigating one person to save face and credibility for the sport itself.

    The Pats cheated. Even they didn't get stripped of their 3 SB titles, and the evidence was burned.
  19. rickjameschinaclub

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    I know he stepped down, which is what I said in my previous post, which shows the real nature of this guy. Right before the evidence was about to be made public, he said he wasn't going to pursue his defense anymore and focus on his charity. Now, the guy is stepping down from his charity.

    The fact is, every one of his sponsors is dropping him and if Lance wasn't guilty, 30 million dollars worth of sponsorship is something to fight back. He's been aggresively defending his innocence at the expense of others, as pointed out by jterrell, he didn't just cheat, he ran a systematic cheating ring for multiple years, which including plenty of illegal activity.

    It isn't just the doping, it's the whole nature of what he did. Thousands of pages of evidence.

    And there are people who are demanding their money back, just as their are people, who in their moment of support for this cheater, are actually donating more. The same people you claim don't give to cancer research because of Lance, are actually giving because of Lance. That's actually what is even more pathetic, i.e. their 'support' for Lance in the name of cancer research. And of course there are others who are giving to the organization as a statement that it was never about Lance, and those people are admirable.
  20. rickjameschinaclub

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    They have gone after others, they have vacated those seven. And Lance Armstrong ran an organization of doping and forced others to use it and attacked others at his own expense. Good riddens to him...

    Like I said before, just because a million other people got off, doesn't in any way absolve Mr. Lance Armstrong of his cheating. The same Lance Armstrong and his supporters that defended his innocence based upon children looking up to him and his charity. That same cheat who was all about how he did everything by hard work.

    He was earning millions off his cheating... Good bye millions...

    There were people who placed 15th or 16th and were clean, meaning they competed against a whole bunch of dopers and still performed admirably on the strength of their own merit...

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