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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by jterrell, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Lance tested positive on more than one occasion.
    He used excuses and apparently bribes to get out of more positive tests.

    Read the new evidence and if you still disagree you might want to rent a backhoe to get all that sand out from around your head, lol.

    There is over 1000 pages of evidence against him. It was enough for him to quit his Livestrong foundation and to have Nike drop him.

    Lance and Barry are VERY similar guys.
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    You are correct. He has admitted using PEDs but he never tested positive for anything but amphetamines.
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    Its too bad.....

    But Lance is a he cheated with a bunch of other cheaters.....he is still a cheater.

    I respect what he did with his fame and accomplishments....he put alot of money to good use.

    But the fact is...he made all this money by cheating....and the worst part....he went out of his way denying it.....

    He would of been better off just admitting he cheated ....the public would of understood seeing how most of the competition cheated too.

    But he refused to admit he could stay in the limelight and keep his endorsements........

    Another sport icon that turned into a fraud.......

    Its sad.....
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    I do not think you can rewrite results this many years after the fact on who won etc . The whole biking community has been tainted for ever and not just Lance and much like Baseball was out of whack cycling has been bad for a very long time.

    Lucky for me I do not care about cycling and what ever happens to Lance is on his own shoulders he made the decisions and he will have to live with the consequences of those actions.

    Just like Barry and Rodger where guilty and everyone knows they where guilty. The evidence is pointing to Lance being just as dirty and cheating.
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    I think people are ignoring the truly nasty stuff here.

    Lance was absolutely brutal to former teammates who told the truth. He sent threatening text messages and emails to even wives of former teammates. He went scorched earth publicly and skewered guys that were former teammates. He did everything he could to get them blacklisted. He called people liars and worse for telling the truth.

    Is he a good guy? Or is he simply as driven to beat Cancer as he was to win the Tour de France?

    He did dump his wife who stood by him during cancer, his broke racing years and who assisted him in doping. (She called EPO butter because they kept it in the fridge.)
    After dumping the wife, he dated Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson, and an Olsen twin....

    I don't care about past titles. Revoking them means absolutely nothing. I do care that the truth come out when a guy is really a nasty human being and that those who are abused with untruths get vindicated.
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    That's whay I thought. Not saying Lance didn't do good or even great things with his platform, but the guy is just as big a cheater as Barry Bond, Mark Maguire, Jose Conseco, Ralphiaro Palmero and every other guy out there.

    IMO, at this point just admit it. You've been banned from your sport, you've been dropped by your biggest sponsor (and the rest will follow suit eventually) and you felt enough pressure to step down from Livestrong.

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    No, Lance never tested positive in a sanctioned test by the governing body. If he had, they would have nailed him to the cross.

    There is no proof. You have a bunch of cyclists that were also dirty, accusing him of a bunch of stuff but no Governing body ever caught him dirty so far as I know. It's not about what this guy says or what you think. It's about what you can prove.

    Barry did test positive by MLB.

    You say that Armstrong and Bonds are very similar. Bonds is not stripped of one thing. All his records are intact and he will probably get into the Hall of Fame. Nobody is trying to strip him of anything with no positive testing proof to support their actions. I submit to you that Bonds and Armstrong are not alike at all. One had proof against him and nothing happened. The other had none and was stripped of everything. Why don't you tell Bonds about your backhoe and see what he tells you to do with it.

    Armstrong stepped down from Livestrong because he didn't want all of this to screw it up. I don't think you can attribute that to anything other then caring for the organization but clearly, you will try and attribute it to that.

    You say he was brutal or what have you. Well, the entire sport is like that. Go back and look at what the Europeans did to American riders before we ever saw success. Go back and look at what they did and still do to their own riders. That's the way the sport is. I did not create it but I am not going to support a witch hunt either. I don't see them going after other riders. I don't see them going after Indurain or Hinault and lets be honest here, doping in cycling has been going on since the 60s. This is a witch hunt but it doesn't really matter. It's done. Armstong has been stripped and banned. What more can you do or say?

    You asked me a question, I answered. No, I don't feel differently. Why? Because this was never about cleaning up the sport. It was about getting Armstrong and all those who support this are doing nothing more then participating in a witch hunt. That's how I see this so no, I don't see it differently.
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    those guys are only known because of him, they should realize they were nobodies before him and have shown some loyalty

    Rats are the scum of the Earth

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