Landry Considers Abandoning Flex

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by DavyBaby, Jan 26, 2010.

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    This is a passage from God's Coach. It does a pretty nice job.

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    I know the passage and the book it came from. That quote is found in "Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes" by Pete Golenbock. It's a terrific book, given all the interviews he conducts.

    But to note, if Landry didn't invent the 4-3 outright, he was heavily involved in the defense from the beginning. Certainly he was the master of it with the New York Giants.
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    I have that book in my hands. It is always on my desk because I agree it is terrific.

    Dexter Clinkscale is mentioned on pages 688, 689, 692, and 693. In none of those pages is this passage found.

    I loaned out my copy of God's Coach by Skip Bayless and never got it back. If I had it, I could turn you right to the passage.

    I promise, that is in "God's Coach."
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    Problem was it took a while for a rookie to learn that defense because it negated his instincts. And you had to be pretty smart. Once the boys stopped drafting well it all fell apart. Nowadays it would be hard to keep the team together long enough for them to fully learn the Flex.
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    It's Chapter 20 (great chapter) where they cover the flex in "Cowboys.." and the quote isn't there.

    But I'm very familiar with this quote. The only thing I can think of is that it's been posted here before, and my brother reads this board. When things interest him, he mails the whole family. So what I'm thinking now is that I read that email several times.. the phrase "jets on him" is just too familiar for me not to have read it many times.

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    so it works when you have good players. what a concept.
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    Man, just imagine if we had drafted Singletary!
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    Landry didn't invent the shotgun but he brought it back. Everyone was so hot and still are about the Chief's and thier multiple offense but Landry was using it since at least 66. He didn't create the offensive coordinator, but he was one of the few coaches who called all the offensive plays with his revolving corp of recievers to bring in the plays. All this on top of the flex defense. As far as Footbal is concerned what a mind.
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    Oh, I misunderstood what you were saying. Bayless was inspired to write the article from Golenbock's book.
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    Bayless was inspired to write the book for money... get your facts straight, Hos... ;)

    He is the ultimate parasite...
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    The 80s would have been a very different decade.
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    That's what makes the draft so intriguing. So much hinges on those decisions.

    The Cowboys thought Singletary was too short .... they considered Joe Montana in 1979 before picking Doug Cosbie .... they were going to take Jerry Rice, but S.F. picked him just before. So many what ifs.

    But going back to the original topic. I think Dallas would have really struggled for the duration of Landry's time there. The team needed an entirely new outlook. It needed to be blown up. Landry had just changed defensive coordinators, but that wasn't going to be enough.
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    Things would have been much different, for sure, but in the end it ultimately worked out for the best the way it happened.

    And Hos thanks for posting that. Its awesome. I've been thinking of getting that God's Coach, but always held off, but I think I'll go to the Library sometime this week and get it so I can read it.

    I read Hell Bent, by Skip Bayless (I'm pretty sure he did that one), and I know he did the Season On the Edge about the 1992 season and I enjoyed both of those so I'll check that one out now as well.
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    Exactly, we almost didn't get Emmitt.

    The story is that Jimmy wanted a defensive player, not sure who it was or where he ended up. Maybe someone can help me with that.

    Anyway, after the defensive guy was drafted ahead of us, Jimmy was heartbroken and someone else told him to draft the RB out of Florida.

    As they say, the rest is history.

    Back to Landry: Remember when the offensive line would go down in their stance, and then stand back up to reset, while the backfield would shift, confusing the defense. The defense could not see the backs shift and would have to find them after the OL went back down in their stance.

    Landry was a genius.
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    This is great stuff guys. Thanks for posting.
    If y'all get some free time, you should check out some of the interviews we had with Randy White, Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson and the like at this link:
    Some of the stories of the old days, like Drew describing the Hail Mary play, Tony talking about playing for Landry, and Randy White telling some of the funniest stories you'll ever hear..........enjoy. :)
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    Though read long ago, I believe Bayless quotes numerous defensive players who admitt they were freelancing the biggest part of the time in their championship runs. Many were not fans of the read and react philosophy.

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