Larry Allen

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmericasTeam, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Just for fun, there is no serious intent with this post.

    Would LA have been a commodity had he moved to NT? He can not reach the secodn level like he just; creating easy justification in letting he go. However could he have prolonged his career as a Cowboy with a pay cut and a switch to NT? I think he would terrorize oppsong Centers and Guards and would require a minimum of two blockers. Now I undersand that he may not have the quickness to chase down ball carriers, etc. but may he would definitely occupy some blockers, and they would have to start recording pan cakes on defence. :) How often LA pan cakes a C or G.
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    Lots of people around here thought we should try it - that with his strength, he could eat up blockers.

    But just because you can play OL doesn't mean you can go the other way - the skill sets are totally different. You have to be much more mobile going forward on the defense - he just isn't that

    He would have been a crap NT in this point of his career.
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    I think we're trying to lure some Sumo Wrestler into VR to play NT.
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    I'm not going to say it couldn't be done, because we've obviously not seen him do it, but you never know.

    It may have to do with money as well, I don't know.
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    He could hardly pull for blocks down field. How was he going to play the NT position?
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    Prolong his career, he would retire think about the abuse he would take on his legs and knees with 2 or 3 blockers trying to push him around.
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    That was interesting, but at his age........I doubt it would work

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