Last game of the season for the Cowboys tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NedK, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. NedK

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    I think most Cowboys fans, including the ones on this board will give up, if Dallas falls to 7-6 tomorrow.

    And, there's no way Dallas drops 3 in a row and then goes to Fed Ex field and wins, especially if the Redskins win in Arizona, as they will easily, and smell an easy kill on December 18 and an opening to get into the playoffs.
  2. Jimz31

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    It all depends on how other games fall as well.

    Every game is a must win....starting with week 1.

    I hate it when other posters say "Is this a must win?" EVERY game is a must win....every loss is critical when it comes to teams that are in the bubble.
  3. Mansta54

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    Fedex field, thats our 2nd home. We've won more games on that field against yall then yall have. Thats our home away from home...
  4. Sarge

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    Not true. At least not for me. I'm not giving up until we are mathematically eliminated and even then I'll be rooting just as hard for improvement as I am now.

    A loss tomorrow does not preclude us from still finishing 10-6.
  5. DallasDomination

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    It's not over untill it's over.....But I'll tell you this much, if the Boys come out flat again then there isnt more to be said, the Team wasnt ready and Playoffs was just a reach for them anyways.
  6. bbgun

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    Here's the worst scenario: we're eliminated before the Rams game, and our subsequent victory over the hapless Rams costs us five or six spots in the first round.
  7. Mansta54

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    Don't get cocky just cause yall beat a SORRY Rams team starting a ROOKIE QB only in his second game. Fact is you still have ABSOLUTELY no pass rush without selling out and sending your entire LBer force which leave Walt "Burnt Toast" Harris on the corner by himself. I look for the Cards to beat that azz this week. You can't give Warner all day to throw and his WR's are outstanding. Your O stinks and can't score either. I live here in the DC area, I see whats going on around here. You shouldn't be talking smack when you're a .500 club... MOVE ON!!!!!!!
  8. SouthernStar

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    Didn't George Armstrong Custer say the same thing?
  9. big_neil

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    Even if they lose tomorrow and at Washington, they can still finish 9-7 and make the playoffs.

    7-6 is not that bad. Last year the Bills started 3-6 and when they got to 7-6 it felt like they were unstoppable.
  10. Silverstar

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    Question really should be...

    Last game of the season for the deadskins tomorrow?


    If they go 6-7.....just turn out the lights. :D

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I choose to play out the whole season(all 16 games) before I determine anything.

    How many times does it come down to last game of the year. Some one wins, someone loses and a team gets in.

    Aint over til its over.
    Go Cowboys.

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