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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ejthedj, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I can't believe we watched the same game!!! That was a beutiful game plan and coaching UNTIL the 4th quarter.
    Think about it...
    The first drive of the game AGAINST A VERY GOOD DEFENSE, was a thing of beauty. If the Redskin cornerback does not hold Glenn, we score seven. Instead, we miss a field goal. This is clearly the players fault, and partially BS because we should have gotten the ball way down inside the 20 based on where the guy held instead of a 5 yard first down.

    The rest of the first half we hold the ball overall 17 plus minutes. We come away with 3 points, have two turnovers, and Brunell is clearly scared. One drive is buted because of a bogus holding call. You gotta remember, this is a good Redskin defense on a 100 degree day. This was the best first half we could have imagined (sans the first drive).

    The third quarter, we hold the ball again most of the time, and we even open up the offense enough to score a TD on a trick play. We were conservative for a reason. We knew we could wear down the Redskin defense and then put it away at the end of the fourth.
    Through the first half of the fourth quarter, we continue to do the same thing - Making their offense look atrocious and making Brunell hurt. Plus, we manage to put 3 more points on the board.

    Then, they score, and for some reason (in the last 6 minutes) we play scared and so do the coaches. We start passing the ball when we should have been taking advantage of the gameplan (wearing down the Redskins). Two notable times this happens. After their first score, we throw on second down and get an incompletion. Then, after their second score, with plenty of time left, we don't run the ball again after Julius picks up 6. I would run the ball at least two more time there. Plus, we instead choose to pass short - the redskin defense was pressing, at least try a stop and go for the end zone on second and short.
    Defensively, we stop blitzing and they get to go deep - all beginning on the 3rd and 37 ( no blitz the next 2 plays and the whole next drive)

    In short, I think we coached a masterful game for 3 quarters and nine minutes. Then, for some reason, we abandoned the game plan and got way conservative. I can't blame the coaches too much - the players payed the same way. hell, i even got really comfortable about that time and asked for my check (then i had this bad feeling...)
    It's not the end of the world, and while there were some coaching mistakes, I feel confident we did not get outcoached and we will have a chance in every game because of the same coaching staff. They wrote a beautiful script. They should have stuck to it.

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