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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Round 1- Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU- I know this is going to be a love/hate pick, but we all know how Jerry loves his shiny toys. And Ziggy just might be the shiniest toy in the whole draft class. 6'5 275 with 35" arms and sub 4.8 40 at the DE position is one hell of a combination. The obvious questions are going to come about how raw he is because of his lack of actual football playing time. Between Kiffin and Marenelli the hope is that they can polish this kids freakish size and athletic ability into the perfect DE opposite of D Ware.

    Round 2- Phillip Thomas S Fresno State- We are more than likely stuck with Church/Johnson at SS so the FS needs to be upgraded. Sensabaugh has been coasting on the field for 2 straight years now. Hes kinda just there and never really makes a play outside of the norm. Now bring in Phillip Thomas and you have the exact opposite player. He is a playmaking, ball hawking, turn over creator in the secondary. Something we have lacked for a long time. Great in coverage with great instincts to always be in the right position. Also, not too shabby in run support. Can make the tackle when needed.

    Round 3- Brian Winters OG Kent State- I know, I know FINALLY an o-lineman. I really like Winters though and would only put him behind only Warmack, Cooper, and Warford as far as guard prospects in this draft. He is nasty and relentless when he is blocking, doesn't stop until the play is over. Dominated MAC competition at LT. His feet aren't great for an OT in the NFL, but they will be above average for a guard where he will play. I think he will pack on a few good pounds now that he is committed to playing guard as well.

    Round 4- Jordan Hill DT Penn State - A bit undersized but a relentless kid with a high motor who knows how to shoot gaps and be disruptive in the backfield. Was the spark plug to an undermanned yet overachieving PSU D this season. I think he will be a very good rotation DT who can get into the backfield.

    Round 5- Nick Kasa TE Colorado- 6'6 270 who was a high school all-american DE that made the switch to TE pretty late in his college career. Very raw as a route runner and pass catcher, but all the tools are there as an athlete. Will be able to play early as the 2nd TE because of his tough and nasty run blocking style combined with his size. Also a very good red zone threat that we have lacked. A lot of potential here, love the value.

    Round 6- Emmet Cleary OT Boston College- Seriously, does BC have a field of huge OT's growing somewhere? Cleary isnt the best athlete, at all, but he has more than enough size and strength with long arms to handle d lineman. Played very well at LT for a good BC passing attack, but would be limited to RT in the NFL. Could serve as a good back up who wouldn't hurt the team if he had to play.
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    I like Phillip Thomas a lot, but that may be a bit early.
    I (Buffalo) was able to get him in our mock in the 3rd round. :D

    Ansah is a real wildcard. He really could end up being a star in 2-3 years. I guess it depends on who is there for us at 18, because there's plenty of Dline quality this year. Ansah would not be my 1st choice at 18 though.

    Jordan Hill could contribute in a rotation in his 1st year, imo.
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    I'm not super high on Ansah, but I could live with this I think.
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    I was thinking 3rd for Thomas as well but I think there's a good chance he's a late 2nd/early 3rd guy. Maybe if we traded back 10-15 spots or so to pick up an extra 5th would be nice. I could easily see a team trading up for whatever QB is falling so could be a real possibility. Add in a RB with the extra 5th and I'd be even happier with this draft.

    1. Ziggy
    Trade back
    2. Thomas
    3. Winters
    4. Hill
    5. Kasa
    5. Theo Riddick
    6. Cleary
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    Not my most ideal scenario but it's realistic and I think I could live with it (if Ansah turns into a solid player).
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    Hill is your best pick.

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