Last Resort Cancelled

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Cajuncowboy

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    I really hate this. They hardly ever give good programming a chance to get traction. The show was interesting and suspense filled. Even if it wasn't "exactly" realistic, who cares? It's an hour of forgetting reality and watching something different.

    The networks have got to have squirrels running their companies.
  2. anava

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    Bummer...I enjoyed 666 Park Ave
  3. Dodger12

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    I hate that. I watch both Last Resort and Revolution. They're the only non-cable shows that I watch. They're both pretty good and I thought I'd like Revolution better but the opposite happened. Last Resort has really surprised me and it's a very good series and does a very good job developing the plot.

    This is a real bummer...............
  4. dexternjack

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    Shocker, I am so tired of even trying new shows because there is an 80% chance they get the axe.

    I liked Last Resort too and have all Revolution DVR'd. I'll watch those if the show lasts, but not gonna start those yet.

    There are far too many stupid 30-min sitcoms today and most are horrible. My top ones are Modern Family, Parks & Rec., Office, Last man standing and Guys with Kids.
  5. dez_for_prez

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    Hate when this happens. I liked Alcatraz but I guess that didn't get picked up for another season. :mad:
  6. Illini88228

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    Well you know. They have to keep at least 40 hours a week dedicated to Friends rip-offs and sitcoms about middle-aged men inexplicably married to hot wives. I think that's in their charters somewhere...
  7. Bevo

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    This is just like what NBC did to Community. The best TV Show since Seinfeld in my opinion but NBC decides to cancel it.....

    Never watched Last Resort, didn't seem interesting enough to watch but what's the point. Every new show seems to get the axe.
  8. Reality

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    There are several problems with the networks and how they handle their TV shows. They love to blame the internet for the reason that people watch less TV now, but that just shows they fail to "get it".

    First off, they put their best shows up against the best shows of other networks on the same days and time slots. There is no "success" logic in why they do this so the only real incentive is to damage the other network's success in an effort to increase their advertising revenue indirectly. The problem is that most people are complacent. If they are watching a show at 8pm on a Thursday already, they are less likely to switch to a new show in that time slot unless their normal show is on an extended hiatus break.

    Another problem is they change the days and time slots of shows after they have established a relationship with viewers. They never stop to realize that a lot of people started watching the show in the first place due to their availability that day of the week and at that time. They assume that people will follow their shows no matter what day or time they appear, but that is extremely flawed logic. Sure, if they move the show, a lot of fans of the show will either try to watch it on the new night or they will DVR or download it. But once it becomes to much work or too inconvenient, they will stop making the effort. Even worse, if they move it to a day and time slot where you already have a show you watch on another network, you may choose the other show over the newly moved show.

    One of the main reasons that shows are cancelled these days is because of target demographic. The reason you see so many reality TV shows during prime time is because the majority of those shows reach their prized demographic (18-49 year olds) and cost considerably less than scripted shows. There are a lot of shows that have millions of viewers, but if 70% of those viewers are 50 or older, they show may be cancelled for a show that has an overall viewer count of much less, but has a higher prized demographic viewership rating.

    The main networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) have violated the trust and faith of viewers for so many years since the popularity of reality TV shows, that most people won't even watch a TV a show during the first season any more. I know I rarely watch new shows unless I see the ratings are high in the prized 18-49 demographic or that the network has already picked the show up for a second season.

    I think this is also why you are starting to see the second and third tier networks do much better. Most of them are copying the UK based TV networks such as BBC and Sky TV show structures by offering high quality scripted shows but limited the episode count to 10-13 shows per season. That is why the second and third tier TV networks in the US are starting to gain ground and you are seeing more networks join those tiers. Networks like AMC's success with the Walking Dead as well as improvements from CW, USA Network, etc. are putting more pressure on the top tier networks and that will ultimately work in the best interests of the viewers.

    If you are looking to keep up with TV show ratings on a daily or ongoing basis, I recommend checking out this site:

  9. Cajuncowboy

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    I liked Alcatraz as well. And yes, it got axed. Not coming back.
  10. Cajuncowboy

    Cajuncowboy Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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    And this is flawed as well since 3/4 of America's wealth is controlled by those over 50. (I control the other 4th.)

    Like I said, these networks are run by squirrels.
  11. Cowboy Brian

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    Really enjoyed Last Resort but atleast Revolution is the highest rated scripted drama show thus far. Should be safe for a season 2 and I expect atleast a 4 season run barring a massive dropoff.
  12. Reality

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    The problem is that people 50 and over tend to be less impulsive and careless with their spending. That is the logic behind their desire for the younger demographic. In fact, the 18-49 range is really beyond what they really want. Their primary target is the 18-35 range, but most networks increased the top end to 49 due to a decrease of viewers in the 18-35 range.

    Advertisers know that older people are less likely to try new or alternative products if they already have a product they are happy with. Unless the products offer something new or blatantly better, older people will rarely switch to it. People are less likely to switch shampoos or deodorants if they have been using ones they are happy with for years, but they will buy a new car or truck every few years, a new cellphone every year or two, etc.

    The problem is that demand drives up the advertising rates for networks during day/time slots so having more advertisers bidding for those spots is beneficial to the network and the only way to keep demand high is to keep the potential advertiser pool saturated.

  13. Reality

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    I am very excited and encouraged to see the second and third tier networks doing better these days. In years past, the only real competition for the big-four networks with scripted shows were Showtime and HBO and sometimes USA Network. However, the shows on those networks were limited and reruns of an episode were usually shown several times in the following week making it less of a direct threat to network TV.

    On the bright side, networks like AMC, CW, etc. are gaining ground by focusing less on demographic and more on total viewers. This can only lead to better quality shows and a larger quantity of good shows which is great for us, the viewers.

  14. Phoenix

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    From the article, either could be back. I hope so.

    "As with last year’s Pan Am, ABC is retaining its option to revive either show for next season. So if midseason shows like Red Widow and Zero Hour perform worse than these two and the network’s pilot season goes poorly, there’s a chance one or both could be resuscitated."
  15. Doomsday

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    I like Last Resort, Revolution and Alcatraz as well.
  16. dez_for_prez

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    The main writer got fired so they got set back. Last I heard they were filming but Chevy Chase dropped the N bomb and I haven't heard anything since. Apparently Chase is a real D-bag to work with.
  17. arglebargle

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    Although, as far as I'm concerned that's just another example of TV show failure. They might as well be waving magic wands for any sense that show makes.
  18. burmafrd

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    both Revolution and Last Resort failed the common sense test so frankly would have no trouble at all if they both disapeared
  19. BrAinPaiNt

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    I watch past resort but will not be bothered at all if it is cancelled, it is just not that good to be too invested in. Revolution I already quit watching so if it stays or goes it will not impact me at all.
  20. Cowboy Brian

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    I don't think Revolution is that bad. I enjoy it. It is alot better than most network shows. Recent eps have picked up. Its ratings would have to halve for it to be cancelled so it is one of the safest shows on tv, it is safe to invest in which makes it a good choice for sci fi fans.

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