Late and Close: Career QB Comparison

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by percyhoward, Nov 27, 2013.

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    In the 4th quarter and OT, when there's no more than an 8-point difference in the score, these are the top 10 pass ratings among the 32 QB with the most attempts:
    Romo           388 of 608 5204 yd 37 td 15 int 100.9
    PManning       577 of 904 6731 yd 47 td 24 int  92.6
    Culpepper      287 of 452 3680 yd 23 td 16 int  91.1
    Brees          530 of 814 6102 yd 38 td 27 int  89.3
    EManning       329 of 551 4392 yd 38 td 25 int  89.1
    Roethlisberger 347 of 577 4395 yd 24 td 16 int  86.2
    Schaub         295 of 470 3538 yd 17 td 14 int  85.4
    Cutler         261 of 431 3129 yd 24 td 17 int  84.9
    Palmer         337 of 558 3873 yd 25 td 17 int  83.6
    Brady          467 of 786 5681 yd 35 td 25 int  83.3
    The gap between Romo and the pack is bigger than the distance between 2nd and 8th. That gap will close when Rodgers comes back and plays in a late-and-close situation, because he is only a couple of attempts away from qualifying, and his rating is also over 100. But he has only a little more than half as many attempts as Romo in these situations.
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    QB rating means nothing, but if it did I would take the guy who has an 83.3 rating and 3 SB rings over Romo.
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    I would take the CZ poster that provides excellent information for the board over the CZ poster that has a worthless reply.
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    great post as usual PH
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    You'd take Brady over Romo? Of course you would. But that's because Brady's a better QB, not because he's more "clutch" or less of a "choker".
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    He wouldn't have those super bowls if it wasn't for his team either, Football is the ultimate team sport. Also, If it wasn't for his coach/defense/running game his team would be sitting around .500 right now as well, instead they're 8-3 and looking at potentially a top seed.

    Brady is a better QB then Romo, but that's not really a knock because he's one of the best QBs to ever play the game.
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    Precisely why I don't put a lot of stock into these QB ratings.
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    As always, Percy, your information and post quality is a breath of fresh air in here. You have a knack for cutting through all of the BS with your objectivity and proper context. Nice work.
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    Culpepper's a surprise to me, but those are the numbers.

    That's hardly a knock against pass rating though.
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    Romo also has led the team to 11 4th qtr comebacks since 2011. More than any other NFL QB. A little misleading because Dallas is behind a lot but it's solid evidence that Romo is no choke artist that many uneducated media and fan types like to portray.
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    QB rating is just telling you how the said QB has performed as an individual, and I don't see how anythings wrong with that. If a QB plays poorly, for the most part he will tend to have a lower QB rating than a QB who doesn't. If we're talking about players as an individual, QB rating typically does show which QBs have performed the best. What a QB rating doesn't show is how bad your defense performed, or how the supporting cast around you performed.

    That's why I don't buy into the argument that Tony Romo is just a stat QB who can't win games. I could be wrong here, but if I recall Football is the ultimate team sport with 45 players other than the QB who have an impact on the game.
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    Well said!

    Thats because the CZ poster's that provide excellent information are very few, while the worthless replies are numerous.
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    Having Moss out there were all you had to do is put it up and let me go get it was a big help. Once moss was gone so was Culpepper
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    even if those rings are now stale dated?
  16. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Sometimes the critics will say Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers are all better than Romo. No bad company to keep, in my view. I think Dallas has a very good QB but championship will only come when this group learns how to play as a team and has the mental toughness to get that ring. This team still lacks that. When watching this past game on Witten second TD catch I told the people I was watching the game with that here is where the Cowboys defense has to come up big and make a stop or get a turnover, so what does Dallas do? they let the Giants march down field and put up a TD to make it a close game once again. this team just does not know how to put their foot on an opponets throat when they have them down. We have the QB that I have no doubts about
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    Out of curiosity what's your source for these numbers? Sorry, I'm in the thick of University classes at the moment and we're forced to cite meticulously so I'm in that frame of mind at the moment
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    to illustrate...

    Culpepper, Late and Close
    with Moss
    214 of 333 2751 19 td 9 int 97.8
    w/o Moss
    73 of 119 929 4 td 7 int 72.4
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    Everyone gets that he is a good QB with lots of nice stats. The problem is that stats don't mean anything. The NFL is a results oriented business. What would you rather have, a QB that breaks every record but has very little playoff success or a QB with average stats and one or more super bowl wins? How about producing these same stats from all the lose and go home games Romo has played in since becoming the starter. People don't say Romo isn't clutch because he can't rally the team in the 4th quarter of a game in October, it's because he tends to perform at a lower level than is typical for him in games where a loss means the season is over. If he can get that corrected, it will mean playoff success and he will then be considered by all, even us so called haters, a top notch QB.
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    I think the way Moss was playing at that time most of us could have played QB for the vikes. lol

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